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Reporters on Dems’ thin bench: ‘Democrats are kind of screwed’


This is nothing new, well not new too me because I’ve been saying this for the past 8 years (if not more). They really have nobody, as just like the GOP prior to 2002, they keep pushing the same regurgitated faces/ ideas onto the soapbox and shush anyone who attempts to speak out of turn – PB/TK

Reporters on Dems’ thin bench: ‘Democrats are kind of screwed’ – by John Sexton April 10, 2017

This past weekend the annual convention of the Midwest Political Science Association was held in Chicago. The event hosts political science academics presenting their latest findings alongside some panels featuring journalists. Today, Poynter reports one of the sessions at the event featured a group of journalists looking back at the 2016 election and also looking forward to the elections to come. One thing the group seemed to agree upon is that Democrats are in real trouble going forward because they have no bench:

A session chaired by Jennifer Lawless of American University and Danny Hayes of George Washington University included a panel with journalists Molly Ball (The Atlantic), Steve Peoples (The Associated Press) and Nia-Malika Henderson (CNN).

“I think the Democrats are kind of screwed at this point,” said Henderson, underscoring what’s clearly the current consensus. “They thought Hillary Clinton would win and their bench is really, really thin.”

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