Republican infighting on election intensifies (The Hill)


    Republican infighting on election intensifies – By Jordain Carney (The Hill) / January 5 2021

    Senate Republicans are going to war with each other over the upcoming Electoral College vote in Congress as lawmakers try to fill a post-Trump power vacuum.

    The public infighting is putting a spotlight on simmering divisions and setting up the scenario Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) — who watched GOP squabbling cost him seats in previous election cycles — wanted to avoid when he warned members not to object to Wednesday’s counting of the electoral votes.

    Instead, in a rare act of defiance, at least 13 Republican senators are supporting an effort to overturn the election results, offering a glimpse of what may lie ahead for a caucus with competing political ambitions heading into 2024.

    “Members are going to act in their own interest quite often. You’ve got folks who want to run for president, so their priority is not necessarily the same as McConnell’s. You’ve got those who are scared to death of being primaried. … Is that ideally what McConnell wanted? No, of course not,” said GOP strategist Doug Heye, former director of communications for the Republican National Committee.



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