Russia says US will not be at the centre of ‘new world order’ (Al Jazeera)


    Russia says US will not be at the centre of ‘new world order’ – By Al Jazeera and News Agencies (Al Jazeera) / Oct 23, 2023

    Kremlin backs US President Joe Biden’s call for a new order but says any new system should not revolve around the US.

    Russia has criticised the United States president’s assertion that Washington must be the driving force in a new “world order”, saying such an “American-centric” vision is outdated.

    Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Monday that while he agrees on the need for a “new world order”, he does not believe the US should be at the helm. Any new system should be “free from the concentration of all mechanisms of world governance in the hands of one state”, he said.

    Peskov was responding to a speech US President Joe Biden delivered on Friday in which he addressed the US engagement in foreign crises from Ukraine and Taiwan to Israel.

    During his remarks, Biden said the “world order” of the past half-century was “running out of steam” and America needed to “unite the world” in a new order to forge peace.



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