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Save the applause, Congress just saw their shadow and called for 6 more weeks of CR


Just a few quick random thoughts from the past week. Unfortunately I’m reading thru Cheetoh stained napkins while my coffee-kegger is leaking.

I’ve gotta start with Super Bowl LII. For all of those who decided not to tune in for reasoning of either hating the Patriots for yet another appearance or for political reasoning or because some meme misinformed many that the NFL wasn’t going to show the National Anthem, shame on you. (BTW, Pink did a very good job even while experiencing flu-like symptoms)

I realize there are some who stated they wouldn’t watch but flip the channel to see the score time to time, but did you think your viewing change would hurt NFL ratings?

According to NBC ratings, this year’s Super Bowl saw a 3% dip in viewership, not the world stopper many predicted.

I’m no Patriots fan, but both teams left everything they had on the field and played a great game.

Too bad some Eagles fans displayed little class and vandalized their town.


House Speaker Paul Ryan took some heat over the weekend for tweeting what was supposed to be applause for a Pennsylvania school secretary for receiving a $1.50 weekly pay raise thanks to the GOP tax cut.

I can only guess Ryan mistook info as “$1.50/hour pay raise” or should I say I hope that was the mistake, because whoever heard of a school secretary getting a $1.50/hour pay raise without some sort of Union squabble involved

But ya gotta give props to the Secretary for her humorous response that the $1.50 weekly raise will help pay her Costco membership


Props to Rep Trey Gowdy for going on Nat’l TV and reminding people there are two Russian investigations happening; Russia Election Interference and Steele Dossier.

The GOP Memo was on the Steele Dossier and if you were paying attention about a dozen GOP’ers stated the Nunes memo did not vindicate anyone; anyhow nor anywhere.

POTUS Donnie was quick to sign the release of that memo, yet I don’t think he’ll be quick to sign the DEM’er memo, if at all.


However the biggest ordeal of the past week was by all means POTUS Donnie’s SOTU address.

Left and Right media gave him applause for his speech, some saying “it what the country needed to hear” while some even called it the best SOTU in years.

A SOTU address is nothing but a cheerleader “Let’s go team” cheer. How many times have we heard a POTUS come out and say “Look things suck, it’s gonna suck for awhile until we turn things around. Until then pull up your big boy pants and suck it up.”? Never

I said it the other day on Social Media, if I exclude all of POTUS Donnie’s self-inflicted wounds (there are many), I give POTUS Donnie a “B” grade. Personally I have never liked Donnie, but so far he hasn’t killed anyone, sent us to War, and has not destroyed an economy that was already moving forward while trying to help improve it.

That last part about the economy is true, but you’ll never hear a GOP’er give credit to POTUS Barry in helping move the economy. They’re quick to mention he added to our debt with a “shovel free” program or additional tax increases while ignoring the fact the US Treasury just announced it’s borrowing a Trillion dollars to help offset GOP/Trump tax cuts.

POTUS Donnie’s SOTU didn’t have a lot of bite too it, lots of babble but no indications of how things will be done, just like the majority of other modern day SOTU address’

Talk of ISIS, North Korea, or terrorism as a while as well as Immigration, Military and taxes are the norm.

Yes you can turn off the “applause” sign as well. Donnie did enough of that on his own last Tuesday.

Look, I agree, DEM’ers sitting stoically in defiance didn’t help their cause. But for Donnie to cry “treason” afterwards for not applauding is funny. People need to remember, the invitees are just pawns for the day, absolutely what they did to deserve the honor of being a Presidential guest is noteworthy, but the next day, they’re forgotten about. At least until midterm campaigns begin.

Yes a call to “unity” is needed, Congress needs to punch the clock, pack their lunch pale and get to work to get to the pay window. But it doesn’t help when 48 hours later, POTUS is calling names on Twitter.

That’s it, save the praise while slapping the tap and paying your political tab because House GOP’ers just saw their shadow and called for another 6 weeks of continued resolution for budget talks.





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