Schumer: new Democratic ‘agenda’ will ‘resonate with the middle class’


    DEM plans to announce a “New, Bold, Common Sense Agenda” to get them, err I mean, get America back on the winning track. Well unless this new directive begins with new Party leadership (with new ideas) you ain’t got nothing to say – PB/TK

    Schumer: new Democratic ‘agenda’ will ‘resonate with the middle class’  – By Martin Pengelly / June 25 2017

    Within a month, the Democratic party will present a “strong, bold, sharp-edged and common-sense economic agenda” to underpin its efforts against Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress, Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer said on Sunday.

    “Here’s the No1 lesson from Georgia 6,” the New York senator said on ABC’s This Week, referring to the sixth congressional district in which Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff this week lost the most expensive special election in history.

    “Democrats need a strong, bold, sharp-edged, and common-sense economic agenda. Policy, platform, message that appeal to the middle class. That resonate with the middle class … and unite Democrats. That’s what I’ve been working on for months.”

    Amidst that work, Schumer said, he had been “talking to Trump voters”. During a recent visit to Yankee Stadium in New York City, he said, he watched baseball from a seat next to a “truck driver” wearing clothing that bore a Trump campaign message: “I’m proud to be a deplorable voter.”

    With House minority leader Nancy Pelosi, Schumer leads the establishment wing of the party. Bernie Sanders, the independent senator from Vermont who ran against Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination, is seen by many as the de facto leader of the progressive wing.

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