Second Record-Setting Lithium Deposit In Nevada Announced (IB Times)


    Second Record-Setting Lithium Deposit In Nevada Announced – By Jack Quinn (IB Times) / Jan 5, 2024

    Nevada is now home to the two largest identified lithium deposits in the world, according to revised estimates released Thursday by lithium miner American Battery Technology Company (ABTC).

    ABTC’s Tonopah Flats project, located approximately 150 miles to the northwest of Las Vegas, sits on a leasing area with over 18 million tons of lithium in volcanic clay (enough to produce 2 billion average-sized electric vehicle batteries).

    ABTC’s resource estimate was revised upward from an assessment made in February of around 15 million tons. The new finding of over 18 million tons now places the size of the Tonopah Flats deposit ahead of the Uyuni salt flat in Bolivia, which remains the largest confirmed deposit of lithium anywhere in the world.



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