Should all schools adopt a 4-day week? (Scripps News)


    Should all schools adopt a 4-day week? – By Justin Boggs (Scripps News) / Sept 5, 2023

    Some districts have opted for four-day school weeks. An analysis looked at the pros and cons of shortening the school week.

    Most K-12 schools have long had five-day school weeks, but there is a growing push among some to reduce the number of days in the classroom.

    Under some proposals, that would result in longer days for students, teachers and staff. But the trade-off would, of course, mean a three-day weekend.

    A recent analysis from the research organization RAND Corporation found the benefits come with some trade-offs.

    RAND found among some of the smaller districts that have employed four-day weeks a greater satisfaction among parents. The organization also found that the added weekend day gave children more time with families.



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