Home Todds Posts So has/did the media go to far in their Judge Kavanaugh coverage?

So has/did the media go to far in their Judge Kavanaugh coverage?


So has/did the media go to far in their Judge Kavanaugh coverage?

Well, when you allow big mouth opinionated commentators run the show and put actual journalism in a closet due to ratings, yeah you’re gonna get “total non-stop” reporting geared towards one event ort theme.

People believe the 700p-1100p cable news mouth pieces then the actual journalist because they feel the commentator isn’t being held down by the corporate boardroom.

Even the most miniscule of story or even a common everyday occurrence in “Nowhere, USA” can become national news once it garners ratings. Nancy Grace’s coverage of Casey Anthony is the best example as once the bigshots so her ratings they were booking flights for reporters to cover.

And yes, absolutely the media partisanship be it Left or Right helped the political divide widen with Judge Kavanaugh reporting.

Hell people became instant armchair litigators and attacked the congressionally appointed special prosecutor Rachel Mitchell for being too sympathetic towards Christine Blasey-Ford yet have no clue how she’s supposed to do her job or what it entails.  Um, watching a Law & Order: special victims unit marathon doesn’t qualify you for the bar exam.

I can blame myself in this little rant as well. Politics is my hobby. Writing/blogging is my hobby. Listening to other’s opinions is a hobby.

And by putting all that together to create a little website/social media page to engage, not by partisan reports, but by creating a spot for Left and Right to read what is being said instead of being told what’s the word by their favorite partisan mouthpiece to drive a civil conversation can actually create it’s own little havoc  on topic.


All said and done, I don’t think there will be an individual whole mend the political wounds; it wasn’t Obama and sure as hell ain’t Donnie

So as GOP’ers are dancing a jig ’round a kegger after Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation and DEM’ers pile the Kleenex while squeezing tightly to the their emotional support porcupines, just remember that a judge of any sort is to leave their emotion and partisanship outside the court of law and decide upon interpretation of past law NOT because a sitting POTUS gave them a lifetime job.

That’s it! Slap the tap, wear a helmet and suck it up buttercup because the political hate is gonna turn physical and become a non-stop “purge” for 2020.



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