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So little time yet so much to rant about……


So little time yet so much to rant about and so little blog space to fit it all in. So why not just run the gambit and let it all out:

1.    No Donnie did not create another 50,000 new jobs with SunBank deal. Why? Because it was a deal that was announced months prior to the US elections but don’t let the current MSM inform you correctly about it. Nope, CBS Radio and local CBS affiliate plus multiple websites are reporting it as if Donnie worked the deal himself. Sorry folks,, don’t beleive the hype.

Here’s how FOX News announced the deal: http://www.foxbusiness.com/politics/2016/12/06/trump-announces-50b-investment-from-japans-softbank.html
And this is how CNBC announced the deal, notice the difference of information: http://www.cnbc.com/2016/12/06/trump-says-softbank-will-invest-50-billion-in-the-us-aiming-to-create-50000-jobs.html

2.    No Donnie will not be using Trump One after nixing the Boeing Air Force One deal. Fact is the current 2 planes are almost 30 years old. They were commissioned by Pres Reagan and didnt go into service till 1990. Also missing is the fact that Boeing shut down the manufacturing of parts for that edition of the 747, so maintenance of the current fleet is gettign expensive. The new planes too which he mentioned won’t take flight for another 12 years. Plus there are only 2 planes currently manufactured that could handle the amount of travel and cargo needed for a sitting president: Boeing 747 and Airbus A30. I don’t think the POTUS will be flying in a foreign built plane.

This blurp by Donnie was simply a knee jerk reaction towards Boeing’s CEO who questioned the 35% tax/tariff talk in a current interview. Time to grow some thicker skin


3.    NO NO NO  “Crazy Grandpa” Joe you will not run in 2020. Don’t even give that thought any legs to move because thankfully the notion that was created last week by Joe was put to grave today by Joe. Ain’t happening…. Or is it? http://www.pbs.org/newshour/rundown/biden-says-no-plans-2020-presidential-bid-adds-never-say-never/

4.    If you buy/rent a home in a Home Owners Association neighborhood, read your damn guidelines and do not complain when the association president and neighbors ask you to remove your flag or banner. Honestly, HOA’s a re annoying and a pain in the ass, but neighnorhoods have them for many reasons from yard maintenance to road repair to snow removal. You pay for it, they management. Want to complain, call for a HOA neighborhood campfire and hash out a resolution. But nope it’s easier to call the media and make a spectacle of the situation


5.    Will the true candidate for SecState please step forward! I’ve lost count, but Willard Romney is still hanging on despite Donnie’s supporters standing by with pitchforks

6.    Can we stop with the Colin Kaepernick mocking. OK I get it, you don’t like him because he takes a knee during the national anthem and didn’t register to vote. But ya know what, he wasn’t that great of a QB to begin with.

OK so he took the 49ers to a Super Bowl years ago, but what’s lost in that season was the 49ers were having a good year with Alex Smith at QB. Sure he’s a vanilla ( no pun intended) QB meaning no excitement, but he was playing good till he got hurt. That’s the only reason Kaepernick got into the starting line up.

7.    When did it become “patriotic” to pay more for goods? Guess we’ll see over the next couple of years.

8.    Funny how those who once disliked Marky Mark Wahlberg by calling him a Liberal are cheering him after he went on an itty bitty tirade calling out his Hollywood friends for living in a bubble and how they shouldn’t talk politics. Is this not the same guy who once mocked Charlton Heston at the MTV Movie Awards by saying “I believe Charlton Heston is America’s best villain because he loves guns so much. Maybe he should get the award for being president of the National Rifle Association.”

Yes, yes it is.

Oh I forgot, Wahlberg is now OK because of his portrayal of Lone Survivor/Marcus Luttrell as few years back. Then again it’s not surprising because too many went bonkers for Bradley Cooper’s portrayal of Chris Kyle in American Sniper only to loose their shit after seeing him attending Liberal functions with Obama

I feel better already

That’s it, slap the political tap and pay your tab, because the Liberty Valance Presidency Rides Again!


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