Some Republicans defect on repealing Obama rules


    OK so some GOP’ers have no issue with POTUS Barry rules and see no reason to repeal them, while there are some like Rep Jordan from Ohio who state “I’m willing to work with Democrats if they’re willing to do what we told the voters we’d do.”

    So in other words, yeah i’ll work with ya but only my words matter, you just sit there and agree. And it’s that attitude by both Left and Right that has had this country going no where for 17 years – PB/TK

    Some Republicans defect on repealing Obama rules
    By Tim Devaney – 04/02/17

    Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.) has voted against repealing eight Obama-era regulations, more than any other Republican in the House.
    Ros-Lehtinen hails from a district that Hillary Clinton won by nearly 20 points last year, and recently came out strongly against the GOP’s plan to repeal and replace ObamaCare.
    But she isn’t alone in defecting on some of the regulatory votes.
    Thirty-nine Republicans have crossed the aisle on at least one vote this year to overturn regulations under the Congressional Review Act (CRA), according to an analysis by The Hill.
    Second to Ros-Lehtinen, Reps. Brian Fitzpatrick (Pa.) and Chris Smith (N.J.) have each voted to protect five Obama-era regulations. Meanwhile, four Senate Republicans have also crossed party lines on at least one of the votes.
    Many of the Republicans who have defected on the votes come from swing states or liberal-leaning states.
    The obscure Congressional Review Act has empowered Republicans to scrap nearly a dozen regulations from late in Obama’s term. The resolutions cannot be filibustered in the Senate, allowing the GOP to overcome Democratic opposition.
    The spotlight turned to the regulatory resolutions on Thursday when Vice President Pence was forced to cast the deciding vote on repealing an Obama regulation that banned states from defunding abortion providers.
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