Speaker Johnson endorses bipartisan tax bill as ‘conservative,’ ‘pro-growth’ reform (Fox News)


    Speaker Johnson endorses bipartisan tax bill as ‘conservative,’ ‘pro-growth’ reform – By Elizabeth Elkind (Fox News) / Jan 31, 2024

    The bill has faced some pushback but is widely expected to pass Wednesday night

    House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., is coming out in support of a bipartisan tax deal scheduled for a vote later on Wednesday.

    “The Tax Relief for American Families and Workers Act is important bipartisan legislation to revive conservative pro-growth tax reform,” Johnson said in a statement. “Crucially, the bill also ends a wasteful COVID-era program, saving taxpayers tens of billions of dollars.”

    “Chairman Smith deserves great credit for bringing this bipartisan bill through committee with a strong vote of confidence, and for marking up related bills under regular order earlier in this Congress. This bottom-up process is a good example of how Congress is supposed to make law.”

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