Stellantis Warns Thousands In US Of Potential Job Cuts (IB Times)


    Stellantis Warns Thousands In US Of Potential Job Cuts – By AFP News (IB Times) / Dec 8, 2023

    Stellantis has notified thousands of workers in the US states of Ohio and Michigan of potential layoffs, attributing the move partly to California rules that limit where vehicles can be sold.

    The European automaker on Thursday notified 2,455 workers in Detroit and 1,225 in Ohio of potential job loss under the federal Warn Act, which requires early notification of major layoffs.

    The company expects the actual number of layoffs to be “much lower” than the Detroit figure and “slightly lower” than the Ohio number, said Stellantis spokeswoman Jodi Tinson.

    “Due to the complexity of our bargaining agreement related to the placement of affected employees, Warn notices were issued to more employees than will ultimately be impacted out of an abundance of caution to give employees notice even if not legally required,” Tinson told AFP in an email.



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