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Stop whining about no-show celebs


Oh Bristol… Ms Palin has taken to her blog to fuss about her disdain for those celebs that are not attending/performing at Donnie’s inauguration.

I’ll say it again, when did a Presidential Inauguration become a Super Bowl halftime show? When did a Presidential Inauguration become a festival Coronation for the new King?

So who appeared at Barry’s 2009 Inauguration, well thanks to HuffPo here’s the list:
Tim Daly, Tony Goldwyn, Anne Hathaway, Ron Howard, Spike Lee, Susan Sarandon,
Kerry Washington, Dana Delany, Ellen Burstyn, Alan Cumming, Barry Levinson,
Alfre Woodard, Josh Lucas, Matthew Modine, Richard Schiff, Connie Britton, Marcia Cross,
Maura Tierney, Sue Kramer, Rachael Leigh Cook, Gloria Reuben, Wendie Malick,
Adrian Grenier, Keshia Knight Pulliam, Phillip Bloch, Tom Cavanagh, Bradley Cooper,
Hill Harper, Ashley Judd, Blair Underwood, Lynn Whitfield, Maggie Gyllenhaal,
Peter Sarsgaard, Giancarlo Esposito, Kim Raver, Lawrence O’Donnell, Jane Krakowski,
Tamara Tunie and Tom Fontana with performances by Elvis Costello, Sting and Sam Moore (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/01/08/obama-inauguration-celebr_n_156257.html)

That was just in attendance and not including the many Presidential Balls and events that were planned. But, look at the list many were “A-listers” at that time and a huge part of Liberal Hollywood so of course they would be in attendance.

Don’t give me the bullsh*t about “Conservatives are shunned in Hollywood,” because that’s a lie when you see successes of Clint Eastwood, Sly Stallone, Tim Allen, Adam Sandler, Vince Vaughn, Gary Sinise, and Kirk Cameron. Did any of these folks RSVP? Where any invited? Hell I’m surprised James Woods chained a lawn chair on Pennsylvania Ave but it’s easier to focus on the Liberal then the Conservative when it comes to Hollywood complaints.

I will say it’s sad that only Presidents Obama and Carter are the only confirmed five living presidents to attend, even though Obama presence is a given.

Then again I must wonder if Ms Palin is upset because she’s waiting for her invite, I mean after all she was a Reality TV Star. (http://www.msn.com/en-us/entertainment/news/bristol-palin-takes-on-the-hollywood-%E2%80%98sissies%E2%80%99-who-refused-to-perform-at-trump%E2%80%99s-inauguration/ar-BBxGr8V?li=BBnb4R7)



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