Supreme Court declines to halt Illinois assault rifle ban (Washington Examiner)


    Supreme Court declines to halt Illinois assault rifle ban – By Kaelan Deese (Washington Examiner) / Dec 14, 2023

    The Supreme Court on Thursday declined to block an Illinois law that, beginning next year, will ban the sale of semiautomatic assault-style rifles and large-capacity magazines.

    A gun-rights group presented the request, and the justices denied it without explanation, turning away a bid to halt the law while the high court decided whether to hear an appeal. The pro-Second Amendment group bringing the case lost a similar bid in May.

    The petitioners, known as the National Association for Gun Rights, are also challenging a city ordinance passed last year by Naperville, Illinois, which is similar to an Illinois state law enacted this year barring the sale and possession of certain semi-automatic rifles and magazines.

    Illinois’s law allows people to keep firearms they already possess but will ban them from obtaining a new assault weapon beginning in the new year.



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