Taxation, Work, Education … Macron Sets Course To The Right (IB Times)


    Taxation, Work, Education … Macron Sets Course To The Right – By Matis Demazeau (IB Times) / Jan 19, 2024

    After a government reshuffle marked by the arrival of several emblematic figures of the French right (Rachida Dati, Catherine Vautrin, etc.), President Emmanuel Macron effected a change of direction for France in 2024. During a 2-hour long press conference at the Élysée Palace on Tuesday, Macron offered the contours of the new course that the government will follow until 2027.

    Here’s what Macron said

    Work and purchasing power:
    The president announced that he had asked the new government to do everything possible to enable the French to “earn a better living through work” by the end of its five-year term. Negotiations will be carried out in several sectors “so that the salary dynamic matches the efforts.” Likewise, while Macron has planned to carry out a tax cut of 2 billion euros for the middle classes, which will be effective from next year, he also wants to change the way civil servants are paid so that they are paid more “on merit.”

    At the same time, the Macron has his mind set on his ambition to achieve full employment (an unemployment rate below 5%) before the end of his mandate. To do this, Macron said he wanted to tighten unemployment insurance rules. For example, the sanctions for refusing a job offer will be more severe than they are now. He also wants to strengthen support for unemployed people and simplify the hiring process. “Our country will also be stronger because more French people will work,” Macron said.



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