Tesla Cybertruck Deliveries Begin: Does the Edgy EV Live Up to the Hype? (CNET)


    Tesla Cybertruck Deliveries Begin: Does the Edgy EV Live Up to the Hype? – By Antuan Goodwin (CNET) / Dec 1, 2023

    Four years after its debut, Elon Musk hands over the first Cybertrucks to customers, but not before demonstrating its bulletproof doors, absurd acceleration and towing capabilities.

    American EV manufacturer Tesla handed over the first 10 examples of its Cybertruck battery-electric pickup truck to reservation holders during a live event hosted by the company’s controversy-courting CEO Elon Musk at its Austin Gigafactory plant Thursday. The event was streamed live on Musk’s social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter).

    The Cybertruck was first revealed way back in November 2019. All angles and elbows, the debut was awkward to say the least, but Tesla’s first electric pickup truck looked like nothing else on the road. With bold performance claims, the promise of Tesla’s industry-leading range and one of the wildest lists of features I’ve ever seen, the Cybertruck captured the world’s attention.

    Even I got caught up in the hype and put down a $100 reservation deposit shortly after the event, but then canceled that preorder one year later as multiple delays eroded my confidence that Tesla would ever be able to build the thing. And after years with sparse updates from Tesla about the truck’s status, the removal of the pricing and specs from the configurator, and some truly bizarre claims from Musk regarding the EV’s buoyancy, it looked like I was right to temper my expectations.

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