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The Court of Social Media Opinion on Political Debates is always entertaining- TK


The one thing I love about being Politically Brewed is watching people converse their political feelings/beliefs and then show that follows. It’s normally a mixed bag of entertainment with agreement and minor disagreement. However it’s those that vehemently attempt to let someone know they’re wrong and why that turns into a sideshow. It’s the emotional equivalent of an adult talking down to a child or watching people fling poop with keyboard bravery.

Personally when someone jumps at me (admittedly I am an ass), I like to lead the conversation further. Normally the opposition is hyped up or drunk with emotion that they knee jerk their reaction by being provoked by the headline porn or the first paragraph of an article. Those people are way too much fun as they’re usually the first to hurl insult then claim to be the victim when others poke them in the eye.

I feel no need to label people but they sure do love labeling me. For some I’m too Liberal or not Liberal enough. Hell I’ve even been called a Bastard Conservative on occasion. I post articles on what I find newsworthy or interesting be it headline news or something on Page 13 and I blog on topics I feel need addressed by observation. However it’s up to you to decide how to digest the story.

For example I received this nugget the other day when I posted a story from The Hill concerning President-elect Donnie being asked his opinion about Same Sex Marriage to which he answered and I paraphrase “the SCOTUS ruling is the law and I’m fine with that.”

“Todd – I’ll say it again… you are an ass. He will improve healthcare, get rid of criminal illegals first, secure borders, he never said he was reversing same sex marriage. Maybe you should go work for NBC or CBS. I thought his interview on 60 minutes was very good.”

I love you too Aunt Kathy… (Note to self that’s one less Christmas card to mail)

The kicker is I never said he was for/against Same Sex Marriage! He was asked a question and he answered. I made no personal reflection concerning his statement, however, like most articles I share I found this interesting as there are many in the LGBTQ community fearing a GOP controlled government will push to reverse SCOTUS ruling on the matter. Plus, the added fact is Donnie is the GOP victor to the Oval Office and he has the gold plated pen come Jan 20.

But when you win an election on vagueness, catchphrases and bumper sticker politics people are gonna question your every move. Yes your words can and will be used against you in the court of Social Media opinion and the sparring matches over President-elect Donnie will become colorful, senseless and divisive.

We’ve heard for months about Repealing and Replacing Obamacare, but within 48 hours after the election a new word was added by Donnie; Amend. Um, sorry the whole Repeal and Replace mantra was never defined with amending Obamacare. You repeal then replace as in “Gone. C-ya. No Mas” Yes GOP’ers had originally stated there were parts of Obamacare they liked but once the law passed, that was it, nevermore shall the law be.

Or how about “Build the Wall?” Yes the 1,989 mile solid brick and cement monstrosity that’ll cost double what Donnie had stated and will fall on taxpayers to pony up money for will now have sporadic chain link fence sections. Isn’t that the current problem along the Mexican border, areas that are “fenced” have holes or ladders or tunnels to circumvent their reasoned task? But hey, it’s a jobs builder program just can’t call it shovel ready.

We have no clue what will happen after Inauguration Day. Everything is speculative and being pulled out of the so-called experts collective rear. Just like Election Day polling.

But these are all chump change rambles compared to what could happen once he is sworn in. The only undeniable fact since Election Day is all these protests are gonna go away within the next week. Hey there are holidays to celebrate but after the holidays and Inauguration Day inches closer they’ll pick up but at the current capacity in my opinion.

That’s it slap the tap, grab yourself a Wailin’ Wench and pay your political tab.

Wait! What? No the beer you fool not a chick… Such perverts.


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