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The Day’s Thought – August 19 2021


Every time vacation comes around I decide I’m gonna head to Barnes and Noble to find a book to read.

Usually (go figure) I end up in the History or Political section.. sorry think it’s now called Current Affairs section, gander around and find something that sounds interesting.

The one thing I used to like about B&N was that “test drive” area, ya know grab an over expensive coffee, take a seat and read a few chapters before you buy. But last few years it was see a title and run with it. Some of those titles are collecting dust and dogeared to this day.

This year there were a few titles I had in mind and gotta admit, I rather enjoyed Former Speaker of the House John Boehner’s “On the House.”

Sure it’s been out for a few months but hey it was 50% off too boot.

All told, yeah I used to make fun of Boehner’s golf tan and over-sensitive tears, but the book was rather good and he pretty much said what most of been thinking about today’s political climate: The newly elected kooks have no clue what they are doing and just looking for soundbites to be guest on the next Hannity or Cuomo episode.

Yeah yeah he makes his remakes about Pelosi and Reid as expected and it’s nothing short of what many have always thought. Both had tight grips on their Party and they let the crazies run their mouth till they tripped.

Although my GOP friends will hate the book because he pretty tells the fact that there are no true Conservatives left in Congress and it’s true when you consider prior to Covid, they added a couple trillion to the deficit in a quick blink of the eye.

That’s it, pass the peanut bowl, turnoff the idiot box and pay your political tab


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