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The Day’s Thought – Sept 11 2021


So here we are, 20 years later after the tragedy of 9/11 and what some say was the catapult of the US entering the “War on Terror” well after are friends across the globe have been doing so far decades.

Technically, we’ve been fighting or should I say “helping” our friends in their decades long fight in one form or another in that timeframe.

But my thoughts aren’t about wars or tragedy of the day, nah, it’s about what I keep hearing being repeated every 9/11, on every broadcast or by random person, it’s about how for that one day we became a whole nation, not divided by any means or reason. Yet, the next day returns to normal and arguments, bitchin’, finger-pointing, etc returns and sometimes even more fierce then when it paused.

I can have simple political conversations with a stranger, keep calm and give respect to their thought even in disagreement. It’s their decision to do the same.

Family however, there seems to be no rulebook.

Ok, some i can have intelligent, interesting conversation that does have respectful tone, yet there are others too which the voices raise and respect is lost because their thought is partisan driven with sprinkles of mislead/misinformed memes that usually has them shouting “Go to Hell” as their final judgment.

But hey it’s family and ya see them once a month (or longer if lucky).

Disrespectful arguments are not limited to politics only, throw some sports in there and “Whoa Nelly!” as the phrase goes, it can turn into a WWE-style chair match.

However, why is it so hard for people to be respectful?

Seriously think about it, I’ll give you some time…

You post something, maybe a news article or link to some commentator’s conversation and the moment someone creatively, thoughtfully, respectfully has opposite opinion you or (normally) others jump on that person, many of which thumping their chest with keyboard bravery using colorful language and there are the few that respond in long winded intelligent manner.

Absolutely there are more out there whose opposition to the original post will respond in vulgar manner also, which truly will start the call to keyboard arms.

So why is it so hard for anyone to just be respectful and accept another’s thought?

Is it because people are afraid they may be wrong from the get-go or they may learn more about the topic then they want or is it just simply because this is the society too which we live?

I mean God forbid someone have to rethink their stance, possibly change the channel or research something to find more info. Who has that kind of time nowadays (as they sit at their Dunkin’ drive thru waiting for their pumpkin spice latte)?

Why not for once, you be the stand -up person. You be the adult in the room (or social media post) and be the respectful one, let others be children holding their breathe while stomping their feet.

Silly me, how could I think anyone would do that, because that somehow would mean defeat or quite possibly you were wrong thereby giving away a victory.

Ya wanna get back to less division/more respect, act like grownups.

Some may complain about the articles placed on politically brewed being biased or “showing partisanship.” So let’s clarify somethings:

  1. We do not support/sponsor/show favoritism to any candidate(s) or party. Can’t do it, Won’t do it.
  2.  We have news sections- headlines, conservative, liberal – for a reason – to help you figure out what is what. If ya wanna know what Left/Right media is talking about, we’ll try to find it. Don’t just read the headline to decide if it leans one way or the other, how about actually read the article and possibly learn something or cement your current thought
  3.  Todd’s Thoughts – Yes these are the ramblings/rattles in my head that I type out that day (morning/night) and for some odd reason decide to share with you. These you may feel is partisan because I may poke fun at a party or politician, if ya did something stupid that yep you’ve become a pun

That’s it, slap the political tap and pay your tab



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