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The Day’s Thought – Sept 9, 2021


Does wearing a mask stop you from:

  • Going to work?
  • Going to the grocery store?
  • Going for a walk?

How does wearing a mask stop you from doing anything?

I mean it’s been proven over the past 18-19 months that wearing a mask (when required) doesn’t stop people from doing anything. ok, maybe you’ve finally been able to go to a movie theatre and maybe that McD’s drive thru is a longer wait, but you weren’t forced to stay indoors, only you did that part yourself.

So if masks are “useless” or “not protecting” as so many keep stating, then why have hospital staff been wearing them for decades?

Oh don’t give me the “well those are special masks….” bullsh*t, because you’re talking about M95’s and those aren’t always used in day to day routines due to the expense. Nope they’re wearing the same material you are.

Yeah I can see why “gaiters” or other cloth material masks do not work, but hey it’s the US, we gotta be fashionable during our national tragic “events” right?

Again, if ya want to return to normal you have options: get the Covid jab, wear a mask or do nothing which will give you limited access to events.

Not shocking if you start to see some sort of “Mask Free, Un-Vax” travel special discounts happening soon because someone’s always gotta make a buck

You want your kids back in school, and yes I do believe schools should have the choice in the matter, then follow the guidelines. If you want little Timmy/Lorie to wear a one then go for it, but remember once they get to school more then likely they’ll remove it so they don’t feel left out.

Oh wait maybe that’s why parents are crying foul, they don’t want their child bullied because of a mask?

And just stop with the “my body/my choice” crap, because it’s hypocritical when considering other body debates. (oh yeah by the why, that “other” debate, just remember it takes 2 people, so stop blaming the ladies all the damn time!).

That’s it, pass the peanut bowl, leave the Ivermectin and all your other “web based medical” antidotes at the door and pay your political tab



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