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The Democratic Debates have been scheduled but will anyone listen


So the DNC has finally decided to get into the “game” and released their 2016 Democratic Primary Debate TV schedule for all to view. But will anyone actually watch?

I ain’t lying when I say many were waiting with baited breathe to watch the first GOP PD, more for the fact to see how Donald Trump would stack up against the establishment politicians, minus the likes of Dr Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina. Oh how the FOX News group gleefully circle jerked when the ratings came out, but don’t expect CNN to do the same with the first Democratic PD on Oct 13. I expect a limp response in the viewership only because the most hardened politico will be watching to either cheer/boo Hillary from the comforts of their living room while others will be watching the latest Dancing with the Stars.

It wasn’t long ago that many were wondering if the GOP had become extinct with their lack of candidates, sorry, lack of “brand” candidates. But they were smart by opening the door for a younger generation to take a seat. Well that and the creation of the Tea Party helped as well. Yet, it seems the political winds have turned and now it’s time to question the life of the Dems.

Look at this “gawd awful” Democratic list of candidates; Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Jim Webb, Martin O’Malley, and Lincoln Chafee. At least the voter will hear more than “Benghazi” or “Email gate” in the media.

Yes the Democratic roster deserves the moniker of “Boring Five” as there will be little on stage fireworks and one might expect CNN Sanjay Gupta to be backstage to check the contenders for heartbeats.

Ok maybe that’s harsh, there is life in these candidates but media is too focused on interparty squabbling and throat punches among the candidates, as we’ve seen in GOP debates of the past. The proof is there as media keeps poking Bernie Sanders to go negative on Hillary Clinton to equal that of some of their GOP counterparts. It all equals ratings.
I’ve mocked the GOP for having too many contenders and too many debates in 2012, but applauded them for at least slicing the debate schedule down even though the political short bus is filled to capacity. But as I mock/applaud them, I need to mock the DNC for scheduling only six sponsored debates for their lackluster candidates and the blame lies fully on DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Shultz.

Wasserman Shultz should be removed from her chair as her record, well to simply say, it sucks. She’s fully responsible for the Democratic body chalk outline on the Capitol Building floor over the past few years. As well she is the reason for the debate schedule being sliced by 75% from the 2008 schedule. Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders have every right to be upset as it gives them less viewership to debate their policy beliefs against that of Clinton, Webb and Chafee.

Before we go any further, is it necessary to even put this show on the road? Just about everyone already knows Hillary will be given the soapbox for 2016 and the DNC only has them self to blame. Just look at the latest news about the DNC and Hillary Clinton banning together on a fundraising deal for example.

Yep, all indication shows that the DNC has flat lined and someone needs shock them back to life.

In all honestly, just like their GOP counterparts, there’s about 1 degree of variance between the five Democratic names, however no one would know because media is filled with sound bites of Clinton and Sanders playing nice with each other.

Let’s look at three issues that will dominate the DNC PD in October; taxes, immigration and same sex marriage.

Honestly someone needs to get the candidates a thesaurus to find a better term for “pathway” since it’s become a dirty word that equals amnesty, which all the candidates are for. But only two actually have a body of work to back up their belief.

As governors of their respected states, both O’Malley and Chafee extended “in state” tuitions to illegal immigrants to their universities.

Webb, while supporting some version of the failed “Dream” Act and along with O’Malley believes in Immigration reform to help business.

Same Sex Marriage
There seems to have been some sort of “evolution” of thought when it comes to Same Sex Marriage for a couple of the Democratic contenders. But as of today all are for it.

It seems both Webb and Clinton have suffered a reverse version of “John Kerry Syndrome” as they were once against it and now for it. According to AlterNet, Sanders has been supporting Same Sex Marriage for over 40 years while both O’Malley and Chafee put their states ahead of the game by passing same sex marriage legislation.

As O’Malley stated when he signed legislation in 2012 “The way forward is always found through greater respect for the equal rights of all. If there is a thread that unites all of our work here together, it is the thread of human dignity”

This is where the “Boring Five” vary or one would think so.

It seems O’Malley is the most progressive of the bunch because as governor he raised just about every tax he could from gas to alcohol to the wealthy, while the rest of the crowd agrees on lowering the corporate tax rate while taxing the wealthy.

Clinton has proposed closing the corporate loopholes to help cut middle class taxes with an added bonus of keeping capital gains below 20%, with Webb and Chafee adding talk about reforming tax codes to a simpler version

Meanwhile Sanders appears to be the most extreme in his plan. Of course he wants to cut taxes on the middle class but desiring higher taxes on the wealthy by doubling the tax on capital gains and dividends. Not to mention he is in step with Rand Paul to the beat of “Auditing the Fed.”

Of course I’ve only given a small snippet and the “Boring Five” will have more issues to answer come October. But does it even matter knowing full well that the DNC has already hand delivered the victory to Clinton regardless of polling, something they and Media have wanted since 2008?

It’s rather sad for O’Malley who was once considered the Democratic golden boy and anointed by Pres Bill Clinton as a future president or that Lincoln Chafee couldn’t even get a bump in polling by appearing on the Conan O’Brien show.

It truly does show why many Democrats are begging for “Crazy Uncle” Joe Biden to jump in and want to be “Ridin’ with Biden” in 2016. I can already hear the “pull my finger” jokes by late night’s Kimmel, Fallon and Colbert

That’s it, slap the tap on some Bristol’s Ale and pay your political tab before we get hit with a national consumption tax


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