The godfather of fake news (BBC News)


    The godfather of fake news – By Anisa Subedar (BBC News) / March 2020

    Meet one of the world’s most prolific writers of disinformation

    Christopher Blair takes a sip of his coffee.

    Then he carefully focuses on one of the three screens in front of him.

    He’s in his home office, 45 minutes outside Portland, Maine, on the US East Coast.

    Stroking his thick beard, he looks at his bookmarks bar.

    He takes another sip before his coffee goes cold, inhales long and hard, then logs into the back end of one of his many websites.

    He begins by choosing a subject. Which “lucky” politician will be on the receiving end of his attention today?

    Bill Clinton? Hillary Clinton? One of the Obamas?

    Or maybe the subject of his story won’t be a person, but a policy. Gun control? Police brutality? Feminism? Anything that will push buttons.

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