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The Jail Porch Campaign (Counterpunch)


The Jail Porch Campaign – By Matthew Stevenson (Counterpunch) / Feb 2, 2024

The last time the Republicans had a candidate as weak as Donald Trump—and that’s saying a lot as in between we’ve had Warren Harding, Calvin Coolidge, and George W. Bush—it was 1896, and his fixers (of note Mark Hanna) decided to run the William McKinley campaign from his front porch, which was located in Canton, Ohio.

Instead of barnstorming around the country, the Republican nominee addressed the faithful who rolled up to his porch, just as in the current campaign the voices that reach Donald Trump have convinced him to campaign from what feels like the front porch of a jail cell—whistle-stopping reconfigured as a prison riot.

It’s difficult to say where Trump would be in the current political cycle, were it not for the judgments in favor of plaintiff E. Jean Carroll or the 91 criminal indictments that are featured on the former president’s LinkedIn page, but with them, he’s having no trouble winning primaries or raising money for the general election.

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