The kids who are most at risk from the coronavirus (Axios)


    The kids who are most at risk from the coronavirus – By Caitlin Owens (Vitals) / Aug 14 2020

    The coronavirus isn’t as deadly for children as it is for adults, but kids still get it and can still get seriously sick from it. The risk is higher for Black and Hispanic children.

    Why it matters: In communities with high caseloads, cases among children could explode as schools reopen. And kids in the communities already hit hardest by the pandemic are the most at risk.

    The big picture: We don’t know much about children and the coronavirus, mainly because the closure of schools and day cares has limited kids’ contact with other people, shielding them from the virus more than adults.

    • Over the summer, camps and sports leagues have provided some evidence of how the pandemic plays out among children, and schools could soon provide fodder for what it looks like on a mass scale.

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