The Myth of an Apolitical Military: A Call to Action (Real Clear Defense)


    The Myth of an Apolitical Military: A Call to Action – By Phillip Keuhlen & Brent Ramsey (Real Clear Defense) / Jan 9, 2024

    Over a century ago the Progressive leadership of the Democrats seceded philosophically from the Founding Principles of the American experiment.[i] Rejecting the principles of natural law and unalienable individual rights, they adopted the statist relativism of Jeremy Bentham’s Utilitarianism and that of his philosophical heirs. They embraced the State as the arbiter of a changeable ‘common good’ and government by the State as preeminent over individuals, regulating personal liberty bestowed by government so long as it supports the state-defined ‘common good.’

    Founded upon Woodrow Wilson’s paradigm of a “living constitution” with law making by judicial fiat or Executive Order and day-to-day governance by an unelected, unaccountable, administrative state, the proponents of Progressivism have unceasingly advanced a vision and values directly opposed to, and profoundly irreconcilable with, those the country was founded upon. They have mounted a Second American Civil War by a long march through the institutions of governance, education, culture, commerce, and more recently science and the military, their Grand Strategy to incrementally subvert the Madisonian Constitution and the Founding Principles it was designed to protect. Their strategy is supported by tactics of lawfare, carefully calibrated civil violence, and institutional subversion.

    Americans have a sense that things have gone wrong, but their perception is fragmentary, focused on one tactical issue or another. Their focus on individual issues inhibits understanding of how one relates to another and how all support the profound Progressive subversion of American constitutional governance. Shellenberger and Boghossian’s “WOKE RELIGION: A Taxonomy”[ii] demonstrates the scope and interconnectedness of different fronts in this Civil War for the soul of the American republic. Readers are urged to view this link.



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