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The New ‘Wonder Woman’ Is Really A Story About Jesus


The Christology of “Wonder Woman”.. And here I thought the movie was about a new feminist hero in skimpy clothes – PB/TK

The New ‘Wonder Woman’ Is Really A Story About Jesus – By M. Hudson / June 5 2017

Because we are Christians of the Latter Day Saints variety, around my house only very special media can be played on Sundays. Mom and dad have to agree that something is a “Sunday movie” or a “Sunday song” for it to make the list of approved media.

Our standards for that designation, however, may be a little different than you might think. My kids are not just watching Charlton Heston as Moses or Ben Hur. They might be watching “Groundhog Day,” the episode “The Empath” from the original Star Trek series, or “The Adjustment Bureau.” The main idea is that the plot must echo what the gospel of Christ teaches in some way.

Groundhog Day” is a story of redemption through love; “The Empath” is a tale of Christ-like love and its cost; “The Adjustment Bureau” explains what leads to true freedom. After the movie is over, we hope that a gospel-centered conversation arises naturally because of what we have just seen.

So you can imagine the exultation among my kids when mom and dad declared that the new “Wonder Woman” movie was a Sunday movie, with one child exclaiming, “Our first superhero Sunday movie! Hurray!” We saw the movie on opening day, expecting just a run-of-the-mill DC Comics hero movie, but excited for a female protagonist. About midway through, however, my jaw dropped and stayed in that position until the end of the movie.

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