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The Possibility Of A Patriot Party (Lifezette)


The Possibility Of A Patriot Party – By David Kamioner (Lifezette) / January 9 2021

How would it fare in 2024, headed by Donald Trump?

There is a history of third parties in this country. Some have been important. Others much less so.

The anti-immigrant Know Nothing Party of the early 19th century were for an only Anglo-Saxon America. They may have viewed your ancestors with a very dim eye. The Progressives made their mark in the late 19th and early 20th century. The Bull Moose Party, a progressive enterprise of Teddy Roosevelt’s, in 1912 enabled the election of the worst president in US history, Woodrow Wilson. The Communists had their brief run here as a party. They preferred to work in the shadows. Still do. The racist Dixiecrats were a force in 1948. Harry Truman beat them. Ross Perot’s Reform Party of the 1990s, that split a conservative vote in 1992, enabled the election of Bill Clinton. Ralph Nader’s leftist Green Party run in 2000 helped elect George Bush the Younger. And the Libertarians, a think tank masquerading as a political party, have had little success. There were more. All have had runs, good and bad.

Now another may take the stage soon. The Patriot Party, a new grouping of populist supporters of Donald Trump. It would be comprised mainly of the approximately 35 percent of the Republican Party that still support Trump.

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