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The primaries are too long, we need only three Super Tuesdays


Raise your hand if you’ve finally had enough of the 2020 Primaries already?

Actually, let’s correct the question: How many of you are tired of “Super Tuesday”?

Well I know I am tired of the “Super Tuesday” mystique as it makes all later Primaries nearly obsolete because by the time, for instance, as the Pennsylvania Primary arrives on April 28, there’s little to no choice; it’s one body with a mile long lead and all you’re gonna do is further the delegate count or be the “dick-vote” by purposely voting for the other guy just because.

All Primary season is meant to do is thin the herd of candidates and normally a few start to drop out after Nevada and South Carolina primaries; only because they aren’t getting enough airtime during the debates, haven’t met the criteria to stand in a debate yet might have good ideas but lack name recognition.

No doubt the 2020 DEM field can be equally compared to the GOP 2016 field. Everyone telling the viewers how the front runner sucks, gonna take the US into a recession or war or the dark path of the soon-to-be-empire, but once they dropout their ass kissing is pure gold (Yeppers, Lindsey Graham your lips are still chapped).

Who remembers Kamila Harris jumping on Joe Biden early in that first debate? Now she’s hoping for that VP fist bump from Joe.

Sadly, we live in a country with 350+ million people, with roughly 153+ million registered voters, and the best we can come up with is Bernie, Biden and Donnie as potential POTUS. Lord, where’s Bruce Willis at to save us?

But Super Tuesday is a huge reason why we continually end up in a quagmire since it’s inception

Quick Super Tuesday history – Back in 1988, a bunch of Southern Democrats got pissed off that Southerner candidates were getting shafted in the Primaries so their governors decided to huddle together, rig the system and have one giant day of voting.

More to it, they didn’t like Carter’s nomination or re-nomination, frowned upon Mondale so they were hoping for was a strong Southern candidate, only problem was the DEM candidates sucked: Jesse Jackson, Al Gore, Bill Bradley, Bruce Babbitt, Gary Hart, Joe Biden, Paul Simon, Mike Dukakis and Dick Gephardt vs. George HW Bush, Jack Kemp, Bob Dole and Pat Robertson

The final tally of Super Tuesday was: Dukakis vs. Bush.

Seriously flip forward to 2016 and who would’ve represented the GOP if people weren’t sold or drunk on Kool-Aid with Donnie?  My money would’ve been on Kasich from Ohio because could anyone truly get behind Teddy Cruz, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, Jeb Bush, Rand Paul, and so on.

So let’s toss the old Primary playbook and since Media loves the Primaries yet the voter gets limited choice as the season drags along, let’s have a series of Super Tuesdays. Because, as I stated earlier after March 31, the later Primaries have nothing to offer.

Look we basically have 3 major Primaries with the rest of the nation sprinkled about, so let’s just be 3 and done so everyone can move along to the General Election.

Hear me out

There 50 states and 16 territories, so in total my common core math tells me that totals 66, which means that if we have 3 Super Tuesdays that’s 22 States/Territories for 3 Tuesdays. Sounds even enough, it’s just who goes to which Tuesday.

First all candidates gets equal airtime in the debates to be heard which means one voice at a time. Yep turn off everyone’s mics because the Horshack “ooh ohh” moments need to be erased. I’m all for shock collars or cattle prods to keep everyone in line, but something tells me that’s inhumane but may make debates more interesting.

Hopefully everyone makes it to the first Super Tuesday to be held the first Tuesday in March with Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, and Virginia still the prize, but toss in South Carolina and Nevada to keep them happy.

What about New Hampshire and Iowa? Sorry get on the wagon for the first Super Tuesday because your primary, caucus or whatever you call it completely sucks. You might as well put the candidates in dunk tanks at the state fair.

Ok so the first Super Tuesday completes and the average field of 11 candidates gets shrunk to about 7 and the whole process begins again for a second Super Tuesday a month later in April. It’s the States that matter as Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota and Washington stay the standard but more States are added like Arizona, Ohio, Florida, Illinois, Georgia, Alaska, Hawaii, Louisiana, Wyoming, Wisconsin plus the territories of Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam and the Mariana’s fill the pot.

After the 2nd Super Tuesday there should be a solid 3 contenders fighting for the rest of the delegates to be had for the final 3rd Super Tuesday that should be held by May somewhere closer to Memorial Day for a clear cut winner.

Screw the “1,991 to win” scorecard, the winner has the most points. Far. Square. Simple.

It should make the primaries more interesting, give every candidate a larger megaphone, and give everyone a better selection of choice in the end

I ain’t saying my process will end with different results, because both Parties have put up nothing but chumps since 2012. Come on, were you really hoping for a POTUS Rickie Santorum or Martin O’Malley? Obviously if you were, you weren’t paying attention at the stump.

That’s it, Slap the tap and Pay your political tab because someone’s gotta keep the lights on



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