The Teen Birth Rate: Are Record Lows Low Enough? (US News)


    The Teen Birth Rate: Are Record Lows Low Enough? – By Joseph P. Williams (US News) / Oct 15 2020

    In a remarkable achievement, the U.S. rate of births among 15- to 19-year-olds has plummeted in recent decades – but advocates aren’t letting up.

    LIKE MOST TEACHERS, freelance educator Lindsay Fram had to make an abrupt pivot to distance learning when the coronavirus pandemic shut down public schools in March. She did research and connected with her colleagues, leaning into the challenge of teaching in a virtual classroom.

    “I read education blogs and Twitter threads and articles about distance learning,” she says. “I Zoomed with colleagues to brainstorm,” and within days “I was up and running” with a full curriculum, including props and visual aids.

    Although she’s not attached to one school, Fram felt duty-bound to make the change because she strongly believes her subject – sex education – is too important to get left behind.

    “The overarching goal of every class I teach, from kindergarten through college, is to strip the conversation of shame – to make sure that every young person I talk to knows that sexuality is natural, normal and healthy,” says Fram, who is based in New York City but teaches about reproductive health in schools across the country. “There is no room for shame in sex education.”

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