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This election cycle is the “I’m Rubber You’re Glue” tour of petulant little children


This election cycle is the “I’m Rubber You’re Glue” tour of petulant little children on both sides of the political aisle, yet neither side can see thru their own bullshit to believe it’s within their own party. We’d rather believe the other side of political thought are the true scoundrels when a story shows the hypocrisy one’s automatic response is “that’s a political plant, there’s no such person…..” or “that person was a member in name only”

No scratch that, as society as a whole.

So why am I saying this? Well truth hurts but obviously many are pain free when examples a re explained.

Someone captures video of a homeless lady taking a stand against vandalism by protecting Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star with people harassing, mocking and pushing her and all people think of is “Look at the hypocrisy of these liberals! They’re only interested in certain forms of Freedom of speech.” Here’s the fun thing, how dos one know they are liberals, because as of Monday morning those that were mocking were now called “Never Trumpers” which last I checked was created and populated by many Republicans. But let’s break it down further:

1. Aren’t most Americans hypocrites when it comes to Freedom of Speech? Simple answer: YES.

2. The video demonstrates how low society has come that people would rather stand by and watch idiots humiliate this person then stand up and protect her from others.

3. There’s no prestige about having a Hollywood star. Any celebrity, reality star, pseudo-celebrity can get a Hollywood Star, they just have to be nominated by someone/anyone and pay the $30K

Funny how politics circles overlap. But only side can be batshit

We are so consumed by fossil fuels that people wave their collective hand of the story about Native Americans trying to protect their sacred burial land (private land no less) from an oil pipeline in North Dakota, but excited that the Bundy Boys were cleared of any wrong doing when they caused a month long stand off by taking Malheur National Wildlife refuge by gunpoint with a bunch of their besties, one which died for not listening to police orders to stop when being apprehended.

1. I’m waiting for a pipeline to go thru a cemetery and see people freak out about how their family can’t rest in peace. These Native Americans are protecting their land, their history, while doing so have been pepper sprayed and arrested.

2. The Bundy’s committed a crime, period. They took over federal land and equipment at gunpoint, that’s a federal crime. Yet now we get to worry about copycats lurking behind trees.

3. Moral of this story is simple, as long as capitalism prevails and the government looks like fools, it’s a win….. for the moment

Just like any disruption we only agree with what we feel is right. A person or group history should not be a wall to capitalism yet I do recall people cheering Vera Cokking for fighting Donnie and Bob Guccione to Jersey State Supreme Court for their decades long attempts to buy and use eminent domain of her property.

But my fav story is that of James O’Keefe was able to get two high ranking members of the liberal group Democracy Partners to admit they were part of the problem, if not the reason, for the Donnie Chicago rally riots a few months back. Absolutely that is a deplorable action, yet there’s more to the story.

1. Not only were Democracy Partners linked to the Chicago rally riots and one of them receiving a check from the Clinton campaign, they also had connections to Breitbart News. Yes the very same Breitbart News that has been a Donnie hotspot since he announced his intentions in 2015.

2. The link between Breitbart and DP is a simple one; collusion. Breitbart and DP worked together to help disrupt Donnie’s primary opponents

3. Yes there is a third here, Project Veritas got paid $10 grand by the Trump Foundation a month prior to announcing his campaign. Can you guess who created Project Veritas? That’s correct, James O’Keefe

Yet you don’t care about parts 2 & 3 of the story, it’s only the first part of the story that caught your eye and that’s all the info needed in the 15 minutes of recess the mind allows. Funny how politics circles overlap. But only side can be batshit crazy and the other be pillars of the community.

The thing is I know many Liberals and Conservatives. I enjoy the company and conversation of both, however only one side takes greater offense to a story they object too, plus the lack of humor doesn’t help. See Liberals can laugh when they are the joke and they don’t circle wagons the way Conservatives do, basically what I’m saying is the term “Butt Hurt” describes Conservatives doubly.



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