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Those long-winded political debates in my head


  Sometimes there are days that my brain has these long-winded political debates at the worst possible time, such as; 2:00am on a Tuesday, driving 75mph in a 35mph zone, in the middle of a conference call or in the shower. Either way, it’s always when I’m nowhere near a tablet to write ’em down and I end up with incoherent thoughts to give to you.

Did POTUS Donnie Save Christmas
Not sure why but I was flipping thru some of my older blogs, stumbled upon “The Professed “War on Christmas” is just a “War on Words”,” and got to thinking that for the last 2 years of term, we never really heard the drums banging about a War on Christmas so did Donnie save the day?

I wrote that blog back in October 2015, a mere 13 months before Donnie became POTUS Donnie and once declared under his presidency you’ll be safe to say “Merry Christmas” again

But one thing I never dwelled on was “when did the War begin?”

Hard to believe but technically the War on Christmas began in 1959 by the John Birch Society as a complaint against, of all things, the United Nations.

Yeppers the Old UN is always meddling in all things American and in this case the JBS stated “UN fanatics…What they now want to put over on the American people is simply this: Department stores throughout the country are to utilize UN symbols and emblems as Christmas decorations.”

I guess JBS was the QAnon of their day

The more modern war began around 2003-2004, more precisely per a Politico posting, none other then FOX News’ Bill O’Reilly.

Well that explains everything, except not really.

See I figured it began because there was some crazy Liberal POTUS in office or Liberal government majority, or some Liberal vegan club crusading against a Nativity scene but nope Bush #43 was the man in charge, Americans were thumping their patriotic chests as wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were ragin’

Everything was golden at FOX News, so why start a baseless war? Simply because in politics nothing truly happens between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve.

But no; Donnie didn’t save Christmas, You’ve always been able to say Merry Christmas or whatever Holiday salutation that pleases you, it’s just that no one really cares anymore.

Look folks, if you’re worried about “Putting Christ back in Christmas” then throw away the Christmas tree and decorations, don’t rack up credit card bills and get your ass to Church

But I’m betting come the day after Thanksgiving this useless battle cry will return only because there’s a DEM’er in the Oval Office.

Sorry folks there more in my head than that

Is mask burning 2021 resonate of bra burning of the 1960’s
Oh how we love to show our defiance against something we despise with flames: bra, draft card, and disco records alike have all touched the flame, but is burning a face mask really equal to the plight woman equal rights or that of a needless war?

It’s easy to slap “Freedom” on anything that one feels politically opposed too, but how does protecting ones health became a cause for chaos?

So many have cried “oppressive” or “my body my choice,” to State/Local governments pushing mask rules and how wearing a mask is causing a form of one’s censorship, which all leads me to  wonder where these folks stand on abortion or right-to-die issues.

However it’s pretty damn simple: if my server is sniffling, they best be wearing a mask when pouring my triple xxl coffee to get my day started.

Which leads me to;

Many States are opening up and dropping their Covid restrictions, but is it too soon?
The big conspiracy is that Texas “Govy” Abbott chose to change the narrative of how badly the State failed during their deep freeze by announcing “Texas is open”

But was it ever closed?

The answer is no. No state has been actually “closed” during Covid, but yes they did have “Stay at home” measures in place.

Folks, I live in PA, my wife and I went to work every day until they gave us the equipment to work from home. On weekends we went out, many places were crowded some were not, but we always wore a mask, every freakin’ time and Covid never stopped us.

But yes, Texas and 42 other States issued “Stay at home” orders to it’s citizens and somehow/someway it’s the DEM’er governors that get the shaft by people even though GOP’er governors ordered the same restrictions and in some cases, harsher responses.

But alas, a year later, States can relax some restrictions, but in my opinion, really should do so in steps.

Yippie! People are getting their Covid shots but not in record breaking numbers, yet here’s the question to be asked: Are you carrying a copy of your vaccination with you?

Think about it, the CDC stated today that if people have already been vaccinated then they can gather at inside venues. This is great news, yet in that crowd everyone knows there’s gonna be that person/persons who hasn’t gotten their shot, for whatever reasoning, but don’t wanna miss out on “Happy Hour” with the gang.

No, I’m not suggesting everyone wear a green checkmark on their sleeve or show a copy of their vaccine card (there was a time way back when you had to have one handy to prove so) but how do we know we’re all “safe” at the Pub gulping down a few pints?

Are you gonna be the one to snitch on that jag-off Billy from Accounting just to watch his reaction when pushed out the door?

Well once a jag-off always a jag-off I always say.

However, to all those who are still skeptical of any all the Covid shots available to suddenly find themselves on the job hunt, if an employer says ya gotta have one to earn that paycheck, are ya gonna get pricked?

Let’s see how defiant jagoffs stick to their beliefs when the fridge is barren. Oh and the answer of “unemployment” ain’t it as you’re probably the same person that says “go flip a burger” when hearing people complain about the job market.

OH! And back to that CDC statement and pay attention….. You still have to adhere to wearing a mask! Yep, slap that mask on Bubbha, because it’s still needed and your breathe stinks

But in the end we’re Americans after all, we can ruin something in a Thanos snap because regardless how ya think, everyone’s gotta a bit of “Cancel Nation” in ’em.

That’s it, slap the tap and for God’s Sake I’m tired of all the Harry/Meghan stuff, if we love the Royal Crown so much, why’d we live the Empire again?.. Pay your political tab


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