Ticketmaster Hiding Bogus Fees Behind Logins, Menus (Gizmodo)


    Ticketmaster Hiding Bogus Fees Behind Logins, Menus – By Kevin Hurler (Gizmodo) / Oct 25, 2023

    After Ticketmaster announced all-in pricing, the company is unsurprisingly making it difficult for users to see the total price of a ticket, including fees.

    Live Nation Ticketmaster might have found yet another way to torment its users. After previously vowing to scrap hidden fees altogether, the live event ticketing company appears to be hiding those fees unless a user signs in.

    After Live Nation Ticketmaster announced the release of all-in pricing last month, the company has yet to follow through, according to a report from NBC News Wednesday. All-in pricing is supposed to display the total price for a ticket, which includes all of the fees associated with it before a user checks out. The ticketing giant revealed its all-in pricing during a White House meeting this summer during which executives from the likes of SeatGeek, Live Nation Ticketmaster, Airbnb were also in attendance. Upon reviewing 40 live events in various states, extra fees were still hidden behind multiple clicks, the report says.

    “What NBC printed was inaccurate and we have already contacted them for correction,” a Live Nation Ticketmaster representative wrote to Gizmodo in an email.

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