TikTok changes privacy settings for its youngest users (Engadget)


    TikTok changes privacy settings for its youngest users – By Karissa Bell (Engadget) / January 12 2021

    Younger teens’ videos can no longer be remixed with Duet and Stitch.

    TikTok is introducing a new set of “enhanced” privacy settings that restricts certain features for younger teens and changes the app’s default settings on accounts belonging to older teens who are under 18.

    Unsurprisingly, the biggest changes affect the app’s youngest users between the ages 13 and 15, who will now have their accounts switched to private by default. The change applies to new sign-ups as well as existing accounts that may have previously been set to public. The app is also changing the default setting for comments, which can now only be set to “friends” or “no one.”

    Finally, TikTok is restricting how other users can interact with videos created by teens 15 and younger. These videos can no longer be downloaded or remixed by other users via the app’s Duet or Stitch features.

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