1135 Henry I of England dies and the crown is passed to his nephew Stephen of Bloise.

    1581 Edmund Champion and other Jesuit martyrs are hanged at Tyburn, England, for sedition, after being tortured.

    1750 1st American school to offer manual training courses opens, Maryland

     1824 The presidential election between John Q. Adams, Andrew Jackson, William Crawford, and Henry Clay was turned over to the House of Representatives due to the lack of an electoral-vote majority.

    1863 Belle Boyd, a Confederate spy, is released from prison in Washington.

    1868 John D Rockefeller begins anti oil war

    1881 Virgil, Wyatt and Morgan Earp are exonerated in court for their action in the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral in Tombstone, Ariz.

    1887 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes appeared for the first time in print in the story “A Study in Scarlet.”

    1905 Twenty officers and 230 guards are arrested in St. Petersburg, Russia, for the revolt at the Winter Palace.

    1909 The Pennsylvania Trust Company, of Carlisle, PA, became the first bank in the in the U.S. to offer a Christmas Club account.

    1913 Ford Motor Company institutes world’s 1st moving assembly line for the Model T Ford

    1918 Kingdom of Iceland established

    1925 After a seven-year occupation, 7,000 British troops evacuate Cologne, Germany.

    1934 Leningrad mayor Sergey Kirov is assassinated and Joseph Stalin uses it as an excuse to begin his Great Purge of 1934-38

    1943 FDR, Churchill & Stalin agree to Operation Overlord (D-Day)

    1955 Rosa Parks refuses to sit in the back of a Montgomery, Alabama, bus, defying the South’s segregationist laws.

    1958 Our Lady of Angels School burns, killing 92 students & 3 nuns (Chicago)

    1959 12 nations sign a treaty for scientific peaceful use of Antarctica

    1964 Martin Luther King speaks to J Edgar Hoover about his slander campaign

    1969 America’s first draft lottery since 1942 is held.

    1970 NHL takes control of the Pittsburgh Penguins

    1976 Sex Pistols using profanity on TV, gets them branded as “rotten punks”

    1981 AIDS virus officially recognized.

    1986 Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North pleads the 5th Amendment before a Senate panel investigating the Iran-Contra arms sale.

    1988 Benazir Bhutto named 1st female Prime Minister of a Muslim country (Pakistan)

    1989 East Germany’s parliament changes its constitution, abolishing a section that gave the Communist Party the leading role in the state.

    1990 Channel Tunnel sections from France and the UK meet beneath the English Channel.

    1992 Russian President Boris Yeltsin survived an impeachment attempt by hard-liners at the opening of the Russian Congress.

    1994 The U.S. Senate gave final congressional approval to the 124-nation General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade.

    2001 Trans World Airlines’ final flight following the carrier’s purchase by American Airlines; TWA began operating 76 years earlier. The final flight, 220, piloted by Capt. Bill Compton, landed at St. Louis International Airport.



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