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1939 – NY Yankees announce Lou Gehrig’s retirement after doctors reveal he has amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

68 – Roman General Vespasian conquers Jericho during the Great Jewish Revolt

1307 – Külüg Khan is enthroned as Emperor of China and seventh Great Khan after defeating rival factions and succeeding his uncle Temür Khan

1498 – Jews are expelled from Nurenberg Bavaria by Emperor Maximillian

1529 – Queen Catherine Of England [Catherine of Aragon] speaks against her marriage’s annulment at the Blackfriars Legatine Court

1675 – Foundation stone for London’s St. Paul’s Cathedral is laid

1734 – In Montreal, New France (Quebec), black slave Marie-Joseph Angélique, having been convicted of the arson that destroyed much of the city, is tortured and hanged by the French authorities in a public ceremony

1788 – The U.S. Constitution went into effect when New Hampshire became the ninth state to ratify it.

1791 – Fleeing French King Louis XVI and family captured at Varennes-en-Argonne

1805 – Great Stone Face, or the Profile found in New Hampshire

1822 – Slave revolt leaders Denmark Vesey and Peter Poyas arrested in South Carolina

1877 – The Molly Maguires, ten Irish immigrants, are hanged at the Schuylkill County and Carbon County, Pennsylvania prisons

1893 – The Ferris Wheel was introduced at the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago, IL.

1895 – The Kiel Canal is opened by German Emperor Wilhelm II – The 98 km (61 mi) long canal in Northern Germany is one of the world’s busiest artificial waterways. It connects the North Sea with the Baltic Sea.

1900 – In the Philippines, General Arthur McArthur, US military governor of the Philippines, issues an amnesty proclamation to those Filipinos who will renounce the insurgent movement and accept US sovereignty

1915 – The U.S. Supreme Court hands down its decision in Guinn v. United States 238 US 347 1915, striking down an Oklahoma law denying the right to vote to some citizens

1916 – Mexican troops defeat US expeditionary force under General Pershing

1938 – In Washington, U.S. President Roosevelt signed the $3.75 billion Emergency Relief Appropriation Act.

1939 – NY Yankees announce Lou Gehrig’s retirement after doctors reveal he has amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

1941 – German troops entered Russia on a front from the Arctic to Black Sea.

1942 – Germany’s Panzer Army led by Erwin Rommel takes Tobruk in Libya, North Africa

1945 – Pan Am announced an 88-hour round-the-world flight at a cost of $700.

1954 – The American Cancer Society reported significantly higher death rates among cigarette smokers than among non-smokers.

1958 – In Arkansas, a federal judge let Little Rock delay school integration.

1963 – France announced that they were withdrawing from the North Atlantic NATO fleet.

1964 – Three civil rights workers, Michael Schwerner, Andrew Goodman and James Chaney, disappear after being released from a Mississippi jail, later found murdered by members of the Ku Klux Klan

1973 – The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that states may ban materials found to be obscene according to local standards.

1974 – The U.S. Supreme Court decided that pregnant teachers could no longer be forced to take long leaves of absence.

1977 – Former White House chief of staff H. R. Haldeman enters prison

1981 – Bread riots in Casablanca, Morocco, kill 66 people (government figure vs opposition estimate of 637)

1982 – John Hinckley found not guilty of 1981 attempted assassination of President Reagan by reason of insanity

1985 – The body of Josef Mengele is identified – An international team of scientists confirmed that the skeletal remains found in a cemetery in Embu, Brazil are those of the Nazi war criminal. Mengele was a physician in the Auschwitz concentration camp and conducted horrific experiments on some of the inmates.

1989 – The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that burning the American flag as a form of political protest was protected by the First Amendment.

1990 – US House of Representatives votes 254-177 to stop US flag burning, doesn’t pass

2001 – A federal grand jury in Alexandria, Virginia, indicts 13 Saudis and a Lebanese in the 1996 bombing of the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia that killed 19 American servicemen

2001 – Former Haitian Army colonel Carl Dorelien taken into custody in Port St. Lucie. Dorelien had been in exile since 1994 when he was sentenced to life in prison for his role in a 1994 massacre.

2013 – 15 people are killed and 20 are injured after a suicide bomber attacks a mosque in Peshawar, Pakistan

2018 – EU imposes tariffs on US goods worth $3.2 billion in response to US tariffs

2020 – Saudi Arabia bans international visitors from making the Islamic Hajj pilgrimage in 2020 due to COVID-19

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