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1932 – The “Lindbergh kidnapping”, 20 month old son of Charles and Anne Lindbergh kidnapped from home in East Amwell, New Jersey, found dead 12 May

0752 BC – Romulus, first king of Rome, celebrates the first Roman triumph after his victory over the Caeninenses, following the Rape of the Sabine Women

0086 BC – Lucius Cornelius Sulla, at the head of a Roman Republic army, enters in Athens, removing the tyrant Aristion who was supported by troops of Mithridates VI of Pontus.”

0293 – Roman Emperors Diocletian and Maximian appoint Constantius Chlorus and Galerius as Caesares, thus beginning the Tetrarchy.” (rule of four people)

0317 – Crispus and Constantine II, sons of Roman Emperor Constantine I, and Licinius iunior, son of Emperor Licinius, are made Caesares

0743 – The Roman Council at Estinnes decrees that Christian slaves may not be owned by Jews, fearing that the slaves may convert to Judaism

1260 – Hulagu Khan, grandson of Genghis, conquerors Damascus

1382 – French Maillotin uprises against taxes

1498 – Vasco de Gama landed at what is now Mozambique on his way to India.

1562 – In Vassy, France, Catholics massacred over 1,000 Huguenots. The event started the First War of Religion.

1579 – British admiral and explorer Francis Drake surprises and captures the Spanish treasure ship ‘Nuestra Señora de la Concepción’ off the coast of Peru, Drake’s richest plunder

1587 – English parliament leader Peter Wentworth confined in London Tower

1628 – Writs are issued in February by Charles I of England that every county in England (not just seaport towns) pay ship tax by this date.

1692 – Sarah Good, Sarah Osborne and Tituba are brought before local magistrates in Salem Village, Massachusetts, beginning what would become known as the Salem witch trials.

1700 – Sweden introduces its own Swedish calendar, in an attempt to gradually merge into the Gregorian calendar, reverts to the Julian calendar on this date in 1712, and introduces the Gregorian Calendar on this date in 1753.

1780 – Pennsylvania becomes first US state to abolish slavery (for new-borns only)

1781 – Continental Congress officially adopts the Articles of Confederation, the first constitution of the United States of America after ratification by the 13th state, Maryland

1784 – In Great Britain, E. Kidner opened the first cooking school.

1790 – The U.S. Congress authorized the first U.S. census.

1803 – Ohio became the 17th U.S. state.

1805 – Justice Samuel Chase is acquitted at the end of his impeachment trial by the U.S. Senate.

1811 – Egyptian king Muhammad Ali Pasha oversees ceremonial murder of 500.

1815 – Napoleon returned to France from the island of Elba. He had been forced to abdicate in April of 1814.

1836 – A Convention of delegates from 57 Texas communities convenes in Washington-on-the-Brazos, Texas, to deliberate independence from Mexico

1845 – U.S. President Tyler signed the congressional resolution to annex the Republic of Texas.

1862 – Prussia formally recognized the Kingdom of Italy.

1864 – Louis Ducos de Hauron patented a machine for taking and projecting motion pictures. The machine was never built.

1867 – Nebraska became the 37th U.S. state.

1872 – The U.S. Congress authorized the creation of Yellowstone National Park.

1896 – The Battle of Adowa began in Ethiopia between the forces of Emperor Menelik II and Italian troops. The Italians were defeated.

1900 – In South Africa, Ladysmith was relieved by British troops after being under siege by the Boers for more than four months.

1907 – In Odessa, Russia, there were only about 15,000 Jews left due to evacuations.

1911 – Jose Ordonez was elected President of Uraguay.

1919 – Demonstrations for Korean independence from Japan begin

1927 – The Bank of Italy became a National Bank.

1932 – The “Lindbergh kidnapping”, 20 month old son of Charles and Anne Lindbergh kidnapped from home in East Amwell, New Jersey, found dead 12 May

1937 – U.S. Steel raised workers’ wages to $5 a day.

1941 – Captain America created by cartoonists Joe Simon and Jack Kirby is first published by Timely Comics (premiere issue released on December 20, 1940)

1943 – Jewish old age home for disabled in Amsterdam raided

1945 – Hitler orders the destruction of all Germany; it is unworthy of surviving him. His order mandates the destruction not only of military installations, but also of all stores, industries, and transportation and communication installations. Nothing is to fall into enemy hands

1947 – The International Monetary Fund began operations.

1950 – Klaus Fuchs was convicted of giving U.S. atomic secrets to the Soviet Union.

1954 – Five U.S. congressmen were wounded when four Puerto Rican nationalists opened fire from the gallery of the U.S. House of Representatives.

1959 – Archbishop Makarios returned to Cyprus from exile.

1961 – The Peace Corps was established by U.S. President Kennedy.

1962 – Pakistan announced that it had a new constitution that set up a presidential system of government.

1966 – The Soviet probe, Venera 3 crashed on the planet Venus. It was the first unmanned spacecraft to land on the surface of another planet.

1966 – Ghana ordered all Soviet, East German and Chinese technicians to leave the country.

1971 – A bomb exploded in a restroom in the Senate wing of the U.S. Capitol. There were no injuries. A U.S. group protesting the Vietnam War claimed responsibility.

1974 – Seven people were indicted in connection with the Watergate break-in. The charge was conspiring to obstruct justice.

1978 – Charlie Chaplin’s coffin and remains are stolen from a Swiss cemetery in an extortion plot

1980 – The US enacts the Crude Oil Windfall Profit Tax Act as part of a compromise between the Carter Administration and the Congress over the decontrol of crude oil prices

1983 – The New Jersey Transit strike began. It ended on April 2.

1984 – The U.S.S.R. performed a nuclear test at Eastern Kazakhstan, Semipalatinsk, U.S.S.R.

1985 – Pentagon accepts theory that atomic war would cause a nuclear winter

1987 – S&H Green Stamps became S&H Green Seals. The stamps were introduced 90 years earlier.

1988 – Soviet troops were sent into Azerbaijan after ethnic riots between Armenians and Azerbaijanis.

1992 – Bosnian Serb snipers fired upon civilians after a majority of the Moslem and Croatian communities voted in favor of Bosnia’s independence.

1993 – The U.S. government announced that the number of food stamp recipients had reached a record number of 26.6 million.

1994 – Israel released about 500 Arab prisoners in an effort to placate Palestinians over the Hebron massacre.

1999 – The Angolan Embassy in Lusaka, Zambia, exploded. Four other bombs went off in the capital.

2002 – Operation Anaconda began in eastern Afghanistan. Allied forces were fighting against Taliban and Al Quaida fighters.

2003 – Khalid Shaikh Mohammed was captured by CIA and Pakistani agents near Islamabad. He was the suspected mastermind behind the terrorist attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001.

2004 -Terry Nichols is convicted of state murder charges and being an accomplice to Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh

2007 – “Squatters” are evicted from Ungdomshuset in Copenhagen, Denmark, provoking the March 2007 Denmark Riots

2012 – Euro zone unemployment reaches historical high of 10.7%

2013 – 14 people are killed in the Lahad Datu standoff between Malaysian government and rebel forces

2014 – US President Barack Obama warns Russian President Vladimir Putin over involvement in Ukraine

2016 – Two Guatemalan military officers are convicted of sexual slavery during country’s civil war – first ever prosecution of sexual slavery during an armed conflict

2018 – US President Donald Trump says he will impose 25% steel, 10% aluminium import tariffs, raising fears of a trade war

2021 – Former French President Nicholas Sarkozy is sentenced to three years for trying to bribe a judge

2023 – At least 1000 Iranian school girls exposed to toxic gas attacks, since November, amid accusations they are an attempt to close schools after girls participated in recent anti-government protests

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