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5/19/2023 -Today’s Inconsistent Thoughts (A Few Ramblin’ Thoughts)


I have no clue where to start. There’s been quite a few things since I last posted, but let’s have a go of it…..

And there’s goes another useless Pennsylvania Primary down the drain.

Yeppers as usual yours truly did his civic duty as an elections worker for the State of Pennsylvania and again the lackluster attendance of the populus should’ve been a headline.

It sucks that PA is still a Closed Primary for DEM’ers and GOP’ers, while everyone knows how slow Harrisburg works on matters that do not pertain to the Parties and the outcome of those that did not/were not voting should open their eyes.

My little district, we were given a combined total of 425 DEM/GOP ballots and 52(!) people showed up to vote. The district to which we share the local auditorium with had a grand total of 68. Yet a district that uses someone’s residential garage across the township had an even 100.

Of those folks that did show up, we had to turn away 2 Independent/Non-Affiliated voters because it was “Closed” Primary and a handful of GOP’ers were pissed they couldn’t vote for the DEM candidates running for County Executive. (Technically they could write their names but election workers aren’t allowed to influence)

Pennsylvania needs to wake and open the damn Primaries for everyone.

Oh, and while I’m complaining ya jagoffs need to fix the election cycle and only have primary/general elections on the even # years this way your mid-terms will generate more people and save taxpayers some money.

So what else is there to rant about? Let’s see:

 Social Media says “Jesus is hate speech” – https://www.wnd.com/2023/05/columnist-documents-facebooks-claim-jesus-hate-speech/

Remember no matter what you say, there will always be someone out there who will be offended.

I’m not a religious person but I have many family/friends that are and this is where a Generational Gap happens in today’s world.

We cannot respectfully disagree or simply turn the page. Nope we gotta cry “I’m offended!” and censor what we don’t like. It’s more the younger generation then the elder.

It is rather funny the article above was released just a day after the SCOTUS punted on Social Media taking responsibility for allowing terroristic posts to continue while this guy is simply saying “Jesus died so you could live.”

I wonder when Social Media will start removing Easter and Christmas posts but allow Halloween posts to stay? Imagine the protest claims of “Social Media is Satan’s hot spot”

Lauren Boebert wants to pass a bill to make the AR-15 our “National Gun” – https://www.yahoo.com/news/constituent-asks-rep-lauren-boebert-081207205.html

Why is this even a thing? Seriously it’s like a State calling to have an official State Dog or State Cat, hey why not have a State Llama or Reptile.

Hey Pennsylvania, let’s have an official car and I believe it should be a 1980 Ford Pinto Country Squire station wagon. Who’s with me?

This is just another attention/money grab for her to attempt to fill her campaign bank account when there are more pressing matters that she can use for photo-op time.

Florida forced social studies publisher to “tweak” history – https://www.politico.com/news/2023/05/09/florida-k-12-textbook-publisher-00096000

Ok this was about a week ago and I don’t know why people have a hard time believing US History?

We can’t teach only the good things about our history, there’s a bunch of bad things that actually helped to mold this country to what it is today.

No Paul Revere did not ride alone.

Yes that’s the wrong type of boat Washington used to cross the Delaware River.

Yes we have had religion issues from the time the land was colonized (Remember when being Catholic was a bad thing pretty much up to the time JFK was elected)

No Lt Colonel Custard was a model soldier. He was insubordinate and a glory-hound who disobeyed orders and that’s why Little Big Horn happened!

For what one calls indoctrination about today’s schoolbooks, I say you’re trying to edit our history as propaganda.

Russia wants a real estate boom for disenfranchised Americans – https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/russia-is-floating-a-plan-to-build-a-village-for-conservative-americans-who-want-to-move-to-a-christian-country-and-are-tired-of-liberal-ideology-in-the-us/ar-AA1b5v2l?ocid=msedgdhp&pc=U531&cvid=23eaa184468b4794a0bc61ab882ec88f&ei=64

Now this is truly… If you’re 1 of 200 American/Canadian Christian families tired of Liberal Ideology, well Russia has a place for you.

I gotta stop there, because I’m still waiting for all those who stated they were gonna leave the US if Obama or Trump became POTUS to pack up the minivan and head out!

But the best is saved for last – Ted Cruz and Marsha Blackburn want to investigate Anhueser-Busch’s Bud Light Ad featuring Dylan Mulvaney – https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/companies/ted-cruz-launches-senate-probe-into-bud-light-s-ad-with-dylan-mulvaney/ar-AA1boWXM?ocid=msedgntp&cvid=6c8e01b163e740678619cc9ae0593fc6&ei=77

Guess we haven’t heard the last of the one-time Bud Light ad featuring transgender Dylan Mulvaney, an ad that was produced to pull in yet another demographic for profit.

Well Cruz and Blackburn go a bit further and believe they were also marketing towards children as well.

Hm, are ya gonna subpoena Captain Crunch and Count Chocula also for child obesity?

I don’t think a Bud Light ad featuring a transgender individual is gonna somehow hypnotically have a child transition, but then again RJ Reynolds had to get rid of their Joe Camel Mascot because a 10 year old might smoke one of mom/dad’s cigarettes and people believed heavy metal music caused suicide.

Aren’t there more pressing matter like our National Debt to worry about? Oh wait I forget, the Senate is on vacation, must be prom season.

See these are little things that go through my brain when the coffee pot is running low or I’ve read/listened to more than my fill of daily news. And I don’t mean to pick on GOP’ers so much, it’s that they feel they are so damn righteous when at least DEM’ers know they have issues.

Maybe I should start a VLog but it would look more like an old Sn’L John Belushi skit and today’s sensitive crowd might link it more towards a Alex Jones copycat!

That’s it, slap the tap, pass the overly stale & overpriced peanut bowl, and pay your political tab before some politician asks for a hand-out





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