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Tom Brady says “I disagree with Trump’s comments.” Burn his unpatriotic jersey


Tom Brady is a traitor, no wait, he’s no patriot. How dare he go against POTUS and say he wanted to “support his teammates.” I think everyone needs to burn their Brady #12 jerseys just like they burned Kaepernick’s #7.

Right, isn’t that what we’re supposed to do to those athletes that do not respect the National Anthem?

I guess it’s gonna be a very long wait to see that happen because who in their right mind would burn a Tom Brady jersey, he’s the NFL golden boy. No one would burn his jersey because he made a silent protest against POTUS Donnie’s “son of a bitch” comments towards NFL players and not against injustice like Kap was.

Dammit, I’m torn because I am no fan of either player (yes I said player what they do off field I their privacy), but it’s as if you can’t defend one without the other. Per “Flag Code” you’re to stand and place hand-over-heart, clearly neither did.

Brady choose unity… player unity… union player unity in protest for a POTUS making divisive comments about players taking a silent protest knee against injustice.

Yep, everyone should stand, be silent, show respect for the National Anthem; home and venue.

Now I have a larger question; I recently took down ‘Ol Glory during home remodeling and season decorations, am I less patriotic for doing so?

That’s it, slap the political tap and pay your tab. – PB/TK


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