Trump May Be Having Trouble With Legal Team (Newser)


    Trump May Be Having Trouble With Legal Team – By John Johnson (Newser) / January 14 2021

    Reports of friction with Giuliani, struggles to line up lawyers for impeachment fight

    (NEWSER) – Is Rudy Giuliani on the outs with President Trump? Multiple reports suggest as much, asserting that the president has instructed aides to stop paying the fees of his personal attorney. The friction comes as Trump attempts to assemble a legal team to defend him in the Senate’s impeachment trial. Coverage:

    • Those fees: The notion of Trump-Giuliani friction first surfaced in a Washington Post story alleging that Trump is lashing out at his inner circle for his current predicament. The story puts VP Mike Pence in that category, as well as press secretary Kayleigh McEnany. But it also says Trump’s relationship with Giuliani, who led the legal fight to overturn the election results, is “fracturing.” The president bristled in particular at Giuliani’s demand for $20,000 in daily fees as he traveled around the country on Trump’s behalf, according to the story.
    • Blocked calls? The New York Times and CNN have confirmed that the president is balking at paying Giuliani’s fees. The Times also notes the president’s dismay at the $20,000 fee, and it adds White House officials have begun blocking Giuliani’s calls to Trump.



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