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Trump Sees No Role for U.S. in Stabilizing Libya


I didn’t realize we weren’t involved in Libya, but if you’re going to make ISIS you’re number goal then you better put a pin on Libya because ISIS is there and the have allies called Boko Haram plus they are joining forces with al Qaeda in the Middle East. Somebody needs to attend those daily briefing a bit more! – PB/TK

Trump Sees No Role for U.S. in Stabilizing Libya
By Melanie Arter | April 21, 2017

President Donald Trump said Thursday that he does not see the U.S. playing a role in helping to stabilize Libya, because the U.S. has enough roles right now.
“I do not see a role in Libya. I think the United States has right now enough roles. We’re in a role everywhere, so I do not see that,” Trump said when asked if he sees a role for his administration in helping to stabilize Libya and if stabilizing Libya means combating terrorism and ISIS.
“I do see a role in getting rid of ISIS. We’re being very effective in that regard. We are doing a job, with respect to ISIS, that has not been done anywhere near the numbers that we’re producing right now. It’s a very effective force we have. We have no choice. It’s a horrible thing to say, but we have no choice,” the president said in a joint press conference with Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni at the White House.
Trump said he considers getting rid of ISIS the United States’ primary role.


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