Trump to meet Israeli leaders as doubts over ‘peace plan’ grow (The Guardian)


    Trump to meet Israeli leaders as doubts over ‘peace plan’ grow – By Oliver Holmes (The Guardian) / Jan 27 2020

    Netanyahu’s trip a welcome distraction from indictment while election opponent Gantz also visits White House

    Donald Trump is set to disclose details of his much-delayed Middle East “peace plan” during meetings with Israeli leaders in Washington on Monday, amid a rising global chorus of doubt about its timing and substance.

    The choreography between the US and Israel has been interpreted as a convenient distraction for both Trump, who faces an impeachment trial, and Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, who faces three criminal corruption indictments and an uncertain election campaign.

    Netanyahu has sought to play up his cosy relationship with Trump domestically and to promote himself as uniquely able to extract concessions from the US.

    Before taking off for Washington, he said he hoped to “make history”.

    On Monday, Trump will meet both Netanyahu and his election opponent Benny Gantz in the Oval Office for talks. Washington invited the opposition leader to make sure whoever becomes Israel’s next leader after the 2 March election will be onboard in advance.

    On Tuesday, Trump will again host Netanyahu for talks and a press conference in what is expected to be the official rolling out of the plan, although it is not clear if a document will be publicly released. The attention-grabbing event is sure to overshadow a planned discussion on the same day in Israel’s parliament about Netanyahu’s indictments.

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