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Trump’s Latest Comments on Autism Rates Are Extremely Concerning


Absolutely people are becoming more aware of the Autism Spectrum. Parents are becoming more aware of problems and seeking treatment for their child’s behavior sooner and diagnosis are made. 

Yes the fact that 1 in 68 are diagnosed to be on the Autism Spectrum is alarming, but it’s not increasing at a tremendous rate as POTUS Donnie states.  But let’s get one fact straight and I am not pointing a finger at POTUS Donnie but at everyone, just because you read one article doesn’t make you an expert. Hell most parents are not experts on the topic

And yes, I am a parent of a child within the Autism Spectrum. We had our son diagnosed when we saw verbal problems happening at a very young age and ever since we have sought programs privately and within our school district to help. 

So I’m gonna ask POTUS Donnie this; if you truly have an interest of the Autism Spectrum, especially within the public school setting, what are you going to do help school districts educate these young minds? Because honestly, your SecEd pick DeVos and her lack of knowledge in the IDEA matter is (to borrow your words) “extremely concerning” . 

We can talk about bullying later POTUS Donnie, just give me a call, I’ll glad to sit and chat –  PB/TK 

Trump’s Latest Comments on Autism Rates Are Extremely Concerning – 

On Feb. 14, President Donald Trump sat down for a parent-teacher conference alongside Betsy DeVos to talk about the future of our education system. While speaking with different educators, President Trump had some questions for one person in particular: Jane Quenneville, the principal of a special education center in Virginia for those with autism and “physical and medically fragile conditions.” After asking Quenneville how it’s going, he proceeded to ask her if she’s “seen the increase in the autism with the children” around the 5:35 mark.

But the conversation did not stop there. Trump asked her, “So what’s going on with autism? When you look at the tremendous increase, it’s such an incredible, it’s really a horrible thing to watch, the tremendous amount of increase. You have any idea?”

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