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Trump’s Primary Threats Against Conservatives Proves His Campaign Was A Farce


HOLY COW Redstate, tell me how you really feel after 70+ days of a POTUS Donnie tenure. Obviously if you were against him, you truly did not try hard enough to stop him from being the GOP candidate. Yet, many questioned his new found “conservative” values only to be slapped and mocked for doing so because he was the only horse that could catch the ratings on fire and not care what came out of his mouth. So suck it up buttercup – PB/TK 

Trump’s Primary Threats Against Conservatives Proves His Campaign Was A Farce – by Jay Caruso March 31, 2017

The Trumpkins got duped. It’s easy to rattle off a list of conservatives such as those here at RedState and those at National Review and elsewhere who warned time and time again that Donald Trump was a fraud. I’ve come back to Trump’s lack of an ideological core several times because it requires repeating.  Trump lacks convictions because he has no convictions. He’s a lifetime Democrat who decided to pretend to be a Republican when it became politically expedient to do so.

All throughout the campaign, Trump sycophants such as Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs, Ann Coulter, and Laura Ingraham spent an inordinate amount of time lecturing people like me who said we wouldn’t support Trump’s bid for the White House. The alt-right nitwits and their white nationalist superhero Richard Spencer declared themselves to be the “real” conservatives by asking idiotic rhetorical questions such as, “What have conservatives, conserved?” Politically illiterate buffoons such as Mike Cernovich (“OOG! OOG! GORILLA MINDSET, BRO!”) and Alex Jones flunky Paul Joseph Watson spent most of their time engaging in doltish conspiracy theories that Donald The Dummy would eventually repeat at his rallies in between chants of “Lock her up!”

Now that Donald Trump is President, what is he doing? Attacking conservatives and threatening to primary them and the reason? The sin of keeping their promises. By attacking House Freedom Caucus members like Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows, and Raul Labrador, Trump provides clear evidence his entire campaign was a farce. A reality show wrapped up at times with conservative jargon.

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