U.S. election result will shake up Israeli politics (Axios)


    U.S. election result will shake up Israeli politics – By Barak Ravid (Axios) / Oct 28 2020

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s biggest domestic political asset is on the ballot on Nov. 3 — his relationship with President Trump.

    Why it matters: The outcome of America’s election could help determine whether Israel soon faces yet another election of its own.

    In the coming weeks, Netanyahu and Minister of Defense Benny Gantz — his political rival turned coalition partner — will decide whether to attempt to salvage their dysfunctional coalition or opt for early elections.

    • Netanyahu is on shaky political footing. His approval ratings have plummeted amid a second coronavirus wave, and he could find himself in court three days a week as of January to defend himself against corruption charges.
    • If Trump wins, Netanyahu will likely use his close relationship with Trump to recover domestically. He may try to cash in through early elections, telling voters he can accomplish many things if he gets another four years of working with Trump.
    • If Trump loses, it will be a big blow at a time when he can hardly afford it. Netanyahu has a long-standing, friendly personal relationship with Joe Biden, but nothing like the ideological and political alignment he has with Trump.

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