Uber takes steps to combat unfair driver deactivations (Techcrunch)


    Uber takes steps to combat unfair driver deactivations – By Rebecca Bellan (Techcrunch) / Nov 13, 2023

    Uber is introducing new features geared toward addressing the issues of unfair deactivations that ride-hail and delivery drivers often face.

    Starting Monday across the U.S., Uber will roll out a technology that identifies riders or Uber Eats customers who consistently give bad ratings or feedback with the intent of getting a refund. Allegations by those customers, the company said in a blog post, won’t be considered in drivers’ ratings or deactivation decisions.

    The ride-hail giant is also expanding its in-app review center to provide drivers and couriers with more information about why their account was deactivated, allow them to request a review of the decision and share any additional information like audio or video recordings.

    Uber rolled out an audio recording feature for drivers and riders nationwide last year. The company also started piloting video recording and said Monday it would expand the pilot to iOS drivers in a dozen U.S. cities, including Atlanta, Denver, Dallas, Minneapolis, and select drivers in Los Angeles.

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