Ukraine war has cost Russia up to $211 billion, Pentagon says (Defense News)


    Ukraine war has cost Russia up to $211 billion, Pentagon says – By Noah Robertson (Defense News) / Feb 16, 2024

    Almost two years after Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the Pentagon shared new figures on the toll that war has had on Moscow.

    Military operations in Ukraine have cost Russia up to $211 billion and the country has lost $10 billion in canceled or paused arms sales. At least 20 medium to large Russian naval vessels have been sunk in the Black Sea and 315,000 Russian soldiers have either been killed or wounded, according to U.S. Department of Defense data.

    These figures, shared by a senior defense official speaking with reporters on the condition of anonymity, are in part an attempt for the Pentagon to show its work on the effect of Ukraine aid. U.S. support for Kyiv helps a democratic partner defend itself, while at the same time degrading America’s second-leading adversary in Russia. The Pentagon’s estimates show how deep those costs have been.

    And yet, the official described the current state of the war as precarious for Ukraine, not Russia.



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