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US History will not be lost due to lack of monuments



Southern cities are removing Confederate monuments in response to Charlottesville and people are saying history is being erased.

No history is always there.

I’ll bet the majority of people saying history is being erased never noticed who or what was represented by the monument. At numerous parks – local, state, federal- the are monuments, statues, plaques randomly placed throughout their acres and barely a soul blinks an eye at them to stare. Why?

Because history is always there.

A cannon marking an infantry from WWI sitting in a kids playground for years becomes just another apparatus to swing or sit. Not until it’s removed for repair or placed elsewhere does one care, usually with a quick shrug and sigh.

Many do not care about history until it becomes a knee jerk reaction of pseudo patriotism and within a few days life moves on.

We have beautiful national parks dedicated to Civil War battles and those that fought throughout that Eastern States people never visit. Go visit Bull Run. Go visit Gettysburg. Go visit and respectfully walk about the fields and paths too see the many monuments of statue and cannon that tell the story.

The removal of Robert E Lee statue in Charlottesville was decided months ago and there have been a few protest rallies there since, so why was this time the ticking time bomb? It wasn’t about history, no history was just a pawn or prop just like how the horrific killings by Dylan Roof became lost as people argue over the Lee Battle Flag and it’s removal/replacement by Southern State governors.

History is not being erased. It’s in front of you everyday yet you wouldn’t know it because your head is always down buried in your phone.

That’s it, slap the tap, pay your political tab by visiting a historical landmark and learn something.


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