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“We cannot find the bill”: inside the frantic hunt for the GOP Obamacare replacement


Refresh my memory but, in recent history say, oh I don’t know the last 7 maybe 8 years, when was the last time a piece of legislation (draft or final) was locked away in the basement and only allowed to be viewed by Congress one member at a time, no notes or cell phones allowed? 

That piece of legislation too which I reference was the TPP back in March 2015 

‘For any senator who wants to study the draft TPP language, it has been made available in the basement of the Capitol, inside a secure, soundproof room. There, lawmakers surrender their cellphones and other mobile devices. Any notes taken inside the room must be left in the room.(http://www.npr.org/sections/itsallpolitics/2015/05/14/406675625/a-trade-deal-read-in-secret-by-only-few-or-maybe-none)’.  – PB/TK 

“We cannot find the bill”: inside the frantic hunt for the GOP Obamacare replacement – Updated by

A Republican bill to replace Obamacare is reportedly hidden somewhere on Capitol Hill — and on Thursday morning, legislators and reporters ended up on a bipartisan wild goose chase to find it.

Republicans have been hard at work drafting a plan to replace the Affordable Care Act. House Speaker Paul Ryan has repeatedly promised it is coming quite soon. Yesterday, multiple news outlets reported that some Republican legislators would have a first chance to look at the bill Thursday.

The briefings would be secretive. Members wouldn’t actually receive copies of the legislation. The copies would remain locked in an undisclosed room for members to look at — but not take home.

Democratic House members and Republican senators were not to be included in this process. But by Thursday morning, they decided to take the matter into their own hands.

The draft legislation was rumored to be in H-157, a nondescript meeting room in the House of Representatives. When legislators arrived, Capitol Police were guarding the entrance, and dozens of reporters were waiting outside for the much-anticipated legislation.

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