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What happens when an upscale restaurant bans young children?


I can’t say it enough (actually there are a lot things I seem to be repeating when it comes to knee jerk reactionism) an establishment can decide whom the want to serve; if they don’t want concealed weapons on premise, if they don’t want to make someone a cake, and if they don’t want kids eating at their establishment it’s their choice to sink or swim. You don’t like it, go patron somewhere else.

I have a young son, he takes his iPad everywhere, but WE also make sure he has headset with him so others do not need to be bothered by what he is playing/viewing. It’s not that difficult – PB/TK

What happens when an upscale restaurant bans young children? – by Jazz Shaw April 1, 2017

This seems to be a perennial argument in the food service industry but it never fails to attract my interest. The Washington Post picked up the story of an upscale Italian restaurant in North Carolina called Caruso’s. They had run into a number of issues with parents bringing young and too often horribly behaved children into the eatery for dinner who then wound up annoying the rest of the clientele. As they tell the story, the straw which broke the camel’s back was a young girl with an i-Pad who was playing videos at full volume despite being asked to turn it down (or off) and the parents were completely failing to discipline her or resolve the situation. Shortly after that they imposed a ban on bringing children under the age of five into the establishment.

The typical howls of outrage from some parents began immediately, but there was another reaction as well.

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