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What if anything did I learn over the Holiday weekend Part two


*Personal Note: My apologies as I thought I had posted this, yet apparently I forgot to hit the damn button*

OK so yesterday I ranted (yet never raved) about what I learned over the Holiday weekend concerning my family/friends views of the GOP’ers and Pres-elect Donnie. Now it’s only fair to do the same in concerns of the DEM and, well, um, apparently there were more excuses then acceptance and the best way to describe my observations can be summed up in one simple Ren & Stimpy meme.

Seriously, that’s all I got because I don’t know where to start.

Sure I can rant about the absurdity of Jill Stein’s “Mrs Irrelevant” post campaign antics of tugging on the hearts of all those who are still in disbelieve of a Donnie presidential term by bagging pots for a recount in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. And how the Media keeps labeling those that are supporting her whining as “DEM/Hillary followers” when in truth the money is coming from ALL that opposed Donnie, which are not all DEM believers.

OK sure Hillary’s campaign is sending lawyers to observe any recount, which shouldn’t be a shocker because any campaign should follow up. Yet I’m surprised that Donnie’s campaign isn’t getting involved to argue over any vote changes, I mean after all they have to do something with Chris Christie

The DEM’s are stuck in the mud and until they are able to give a boost to what little youth movement they have, well, the Old Guard is not going to help them very much by the mid-term elections in 2018.

Harry Reid’s departure from the Senate is a start and I’ll admit replacing him with Chuckie Schumer was a smart move even though it’s not a youthful move. But Chuckie has history of willingness to walk across the aisle to cut a deal and that’s what is needed; mover and shaker. But the Senate is not the issue for the DEM when it comes to Congressional population, the ills of the party lay within the House and the lack of anything resembling life.

Now with the next few hours the House DEM will make their way to a super secret ballot for Minority leadership and the botoxed tear ductless Nancy Pelosi believes she deserves the gig one more time. Without a doubt, even though she has one challenger, the minions will show no backbone and anoint her yet again. Of course not many can name DEM House members under the age of 40 and I’m sure there aren’t many but it’s time for they and any that might exist in State Legislatures to make smart calculated moves to grow and add well earned depth or simply watch the party become extinct.

Which all leads to the horrific rumor that Hillary is pondering a 2020 Presidential wobbly run! We just finished the 2016 election and people are shooting for 2020, but the thought of Hillary running for a three try means there is no hope within the party. No, it’s time for the Corey Booker’s, Kirsten Gillibrand’s, Julian Castro’s, even a Brian Schatz or a Chris Murphy. Notice I did not list Lizzie Warren or Tim Kaine for a push.

Known of these works without someone stepping up, circumventing around the Party leadership and taking a healthy dose of humility and grovel in the public square of Media. Someone, within the next year truly needs to find a way to squeeze between the current paparazzi-style MSM and their affair with Donnie.

Nope, the Congressional DEM needs counseling because after yet another loss, they’re addiction to losing excuses is getting way to deep. I say this after I read an article that laid blame on former Daily Show host Jon Stewart for Donnie’s victory.

Without doubt people fall for hyperpartisan, fake and parody news. I used to enjoy posting a few parody articles on my Social Media pages just to see who wasn’t paying attention and the results were eye popping. People love the headline porn and usually don’t get passed the first two paragraphs. But to blame Jon Stewart for retiring as the cause for Donnie’s victory is really a special kind of stupid.

And that’s exactly the label the DEM has plastered across their collective foreheads; stupid.

That’s it, slap the tap on Woolyback brew and pay the political tab

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